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The timing of this is awful considering large cities are boarding up buildings. Way to go!!!. Hahaha! Like the concession speach that Hillary never really gave and the Democrats continuously declare “Not My President”.. Anything that does not have the power of law and a mechanism of enforcement that cannot be ignored has no power here anymore. There are no other political and cultural norms left to trample, don’t expect this one to survive either.. Van Jones is so clear-headed. And he is absolutely right – Trump is way too defective to make a concession speech.. Most liberals never accepted Hillary’s concession speech. Everything is their fault…. The last sentence is more frightening than the subject matter. “disloyal to America’s government” since when is loyalty to government American?. Wise words, Van. Let’s hope that if he loses, Dump posesses that speck of integrity that will allow him to concede.. As bad as the divide in the US electorate, it seems that this is just too far-fetched of a scenario. Guess some people just want their five minutes of fame.

Yoga I am divine I am connected poster

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It’s almost impossible to have a conversation with a progressive.. I have been trying, but I have lost hope and have accepted, that there are about 15% of people, who do not want to listen and are switching immediately into a mode of aggression. And I have the impression, that the percentage is increasing, unfortunate… See More. As I’ve experienced in the last 4 yrs… some ppl are literally INCAPABLE of having an intelligent conversation based on facts and critical thinking … to learn about and consider viewpoints that don’t match their own …they have zero desire to learn… See More. Yeah I’m not gonna have a constructive conversation with someone who doesn’t think people should have the same rights based on their sexual orientation, gender or skin color. That’s not an opinion.. Cognitive Dissonance.. I can think of a few toxic people I have to deal with on a professional basis. If I could change their minds with conversation it would have happened by now.

Yoga I am divine I am connected poster

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Probably not …
There is no information on the long-term effects of “lab-meat” consumption to the human body.
Maybe we will face effects similar to GMO consumption, maybe not… I will wait until we know more!. No. Absolutely not. We need fewer chemicals, not more. Since owning meat animals im finding it hard to eat unethically farmed protein. THIS is a solution id be up for.. Yes!! Would help not only with the environment, cruelty etc. but also the overuse of antibiotics. So excited for this to become a reality. Vegans are much healthier. Make the switch, you will be glad you did! Something about the no meat diet. Kind of like grass fed beef. But you have to slow cook them to get them nice and tender.. I won’t eat “turkey bacon.” I stopped eating Wendys chili when they started adding vegetable fillers to what was once the beef. So no, I am not ready for that.

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No. If your a vegan, your a vegan, why do you have to pretend to eat meat. At least have the courage of your convictions.. The great thing about growing meat in a lab is that no animal gets any life at all. There are no wastes produced to feed insects and so birds and predators, and there are no farmers to produce the patchwork quilt countryside that we all love.. I honestly do not really see the point in it.
Nature offers an abundance of protein sources. We simply need to learn how to prepare them and reeducate our palets.. The main deal is the taste and texture. Before we ask anyone to forego traditional meat and eat vegan meat, we must also provide them with an equivalent alternative. To say “Don’t eat this and eat this food which won’t taste the same” is unreasonable. … See More. If it affects a positive outcome with reducing greenhouse emmision. Then why not.
Our supplements that we take are produced in a lab, our meds as well. So i dont see why the alarm when it comes to ‘lab-meat’

If Trump loses, a concession speech will not happen. It’s not in Trump’s DNA to concede to anyone or anything! Unfortunately, the most dangerous time in recent American history may be from November 4 through January 20th. Hopefully, I’m wrong!. This is only if the person conceding has integrity. Integrity has been lost in a number of this county’s citizens; mostly in the ones elected to represent the population in government. I’m speaking of what used to be the Republican Party.. Van is not your typical hardline, radical democrat and I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed parties in 2021.. The police fail to concede to the fact they can’t carry out federal victim tampering.. This idiocy is what comes of giving out trophies just for showing up! Time to realize that you only get paid for what you contribute and no one gets a free ride.. It’s a popular vote in your state…not the nation…California doesn’t hold dominion over everyone because more people got out to vote in California than say Arizona

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