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Could she come across as any more condescending? No matter what the topic, there always has to be a complete generalisation. In this case all men mistreat women. Well to use her words, No, no, no, no. Chivalry is waning, because, and as an example, hol… See More. We are opposed to sexist hate speech.. Oh no. “Fury” Pause GIF Tenor. Save your fury for the individuals who have harmed you. Taking out your anger on the innocent only creates evil, for which you can be held accountable.. Fury? Calm down what the heck are women so bent about? Now White Male Trump supporters deffinatly have something to be pissed about! Haha! But we’ll just keep quite and go vote Trump in again!. How can we stop any injustice from a victimhood point of view? Drop the feeling of being a victim! Our value does not depend on others behavior towards us, build resistance to it.… See More

Yoga girl lose your mind find your soul poster

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So many gems in this talk. I’m so impressed with how relevant and insightful this is: Who governs and for what purpose? …diversity needs to be more than ticking boxes of ethnicity… needs to embrace the representation of all stakeholders … success or failure of your business will depend on your suppliers and partnerships… scaling your impact requires you to look beyond the walls of your business… suppliers and partnerships will make or break your business…companies focused on shareholder needs will only address customer short term needs without consideration for customer longterm welfare… companies focusing on long term customer welfare will be better positioned to grow and adjust to market demand and will better protect shareholder interests.., if customers are stakeholders they should not be harmed by the goods and services produced, it’s just that simple.. Sounds disastrous, I suspect few would want to take their company public with all the bureaucracy that would come along with it.

Yoga girl lose your mind find your soul poster

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‘Better than the mighty is one who is slow to anger, and one who rules his spirit than one who takes a city.’. Nobody asks for a fury warrior life but sure is a luxurious blessing over submission to patriarchy. Most of the people commenting here seem to have NO IDEA who this ‘lady’ is. Lots of ‘this woman’ and ‘this lady’. Really no clue do ya? Might put things in perspective… . Oh no, that’s all we need, more angry people on social media.
It shouldn’t be called social media, it should be called ANTI-social media. . oftentimes our fury comes from the part of us that knows we deserve better.. Fury… is written in the DNA of some of us.. Noooo waaayyyyy! I haven’t read or watched this TED TALK BUT by the headline – fury has its place and time!
WOMEN BE ASSERTIVE not exert yr fury! … See More

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Interviews, imo are a waste of time. As an initial introduction, perhaps… Get the person onto the job for a few days/week with official instructions and formal training etc.. and see how they fit into the environment /managing the work assignments et… See More. Sounds like a good test to work out if the boss is a jerk.. Can be true that you can show interest and be communicative at that moment to assure your place of work, be fake. But afterwards to show your true colour. One interview is not going to show you everything about that person. Also, people need time to kn… See More. I would ask, what is you’re favorite book or interview and how would you change it if asked! To which I would answer I would insert this passage in to the Movie Forest Gump. If you dont know then you’re lost already….So what conversation would you i… See More

Anger always helps everything for sure…… I always thought wisdom meant being cool.. Love reading comments by people who haven’t watched the talk . So angry she is not a man! Ha, Ha, get over it! Enjoy your Womanhood!. What safe spaces? They are being colonised by males.. Terrible idea.. Hey blokes/lads/men, shall we just leave the women here to decide if this is a good Ted talk or not yeah….?!. Is it wrong that I read this as furry and not fury?. Why do women have any more fury than men?. Anyone can come to TED and talk. LOL. One day soon women will be in charge and the world will see just how smoother everything is.. TED is advertising for infantile temper tantrums now. Such an inspirational talk . Or embrace our grace…. “Women, I encourage you to acknowledge your fury.” She’s obviously not familiar with the working-classes.

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