Woman loves reading doormat


I love me some Bruno mars since his 1st CD he is awesome i listen to this song everyday lordy he makes me melt. Love this collaboration! The song, words and the infusion of tones makes this song EXTREMELY WONDERFUL AND AMAZING!. I love . While i presence in this new song ,it is alike collaboration song ,,,,and actually ,when first time i heard this songs alike confusing me lyrics Woman loves reading doormat but he has until now very good songs, still my fav one (just the way you are) more fav and always . I love that song, “Leave The Door Open”. I love your music . Love the song!!! Ready and waiting for the album to drop.. My 8 yr old great granddaughter knows all Bruno Mars music. Words are her interpretation like ‘strawberry short cake on ice’. I love this song now, but I need more songs with a new CD!!!!

Woman loves reading doormat

Woman loves reading doormat 2

Yall REALLY put your foot in this song! I aint surprised its topping the charts at all..   Woman loves reading doormat · Follow When I leave the door open, my wife closes it and says “No one wants to see you .   · Follow. The Best!.   · Follow. Congratulations. Congratulations ! Y’all deserve this accomplishment cause Y’all did that! This song is classy, sexy, get me in my grown woman zone, and just timeless. Thank Y’all. Play GIF. Bruno and Anderson, you both have this good chemistry together. Your voice are amazing. Congratulations. You guys are great together..waiting for your next song together.. I’m waiting for the album and tour. Yes yes. Best song everrrr.. everytime i listen to it.. i immediately get in the mood.. i imagine myself doing everything the song says.. i truly cannot wait for the rest of thee album… thumbs up Bruno . Of course you went number 1. You are an amazing man along with Anderson. What a fantastic combo. I love this song. Congrats

Woman loves reading doormat

Woman loves reading doormat 1

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