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Facts are facts when it comes to the quarterback. His stats tell everyone who he is as a quarterback. The slackers and the haters will find excuses at all cost to make Brady look bad. Fact… he is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks in history and… See More. The ref was pressured into picking up his flag…. Yes it does. Veteran be strong be brave be humble be badass poster. Both cheaters and I think groin is a little mentally disabled. He acts like he’s 12.. Brody Shuhyta Yeah I know they have a scary offence but I told you he’ll still use Gronk because how well they know each other on the field.. Lot of Brady haters . I wanna know how the “World’s Best Quarterback” has all those offensive/defensive/officiating weapons and still almost lost to the Giants . ur refs ONE AGAIN FAVORING A ROAD TEAM AND ONE AGAIN FAVORING BRADY.. how is it that EVERY FING YEAR BRADYS TEAMS GET ALL THE CALLS? refs now trying their hardest to come up with penalties on giants just so bucs can get TDs and win Y DOES UR REFS LOVE … See More

Veteran be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

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Joe Burrow is gonna become elite. When he get all the surroundings around him. Watch out he’s gonna be really perfect for a long time to come just stay away from injuries. As a steeler fan burrow deserves it for this week for the team that he has playing around him to beat the titans is quite impressive tbh. Brandon Blankenship. T.j. Amborski. The bias in me wants to vote for herbert, but I went with Diggs instead. 49ers are 4-4, 1 game behind the 5-3 Rams for the 7th seed and 49ers own the tiebreaker. Definitely not Aiyuk. San Fran could have put jerry rice back in and he would have had 100 with a TD against Seattle’s D.. Aj Ashford. Joe burrow all day. I’d give it to burrow. Missing Darnell Mooney.. Joe Burrow EZPZ. Scott Davis Dwayne haskins would be rookie of the week if someone would give him a chance! NYPOST.COM Nobody wants Dwayne Haskins

Veteran be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

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Everyones talking about the refs but the bucs wouldve scored anyways . Good job refs! Another game that you win for brady, well done!. There was a pass interference in the end zone you guys refs ! Gave the game to Bucks ! Put it together! I’m making a compilation of your mistakes or not !. I don’t like Veteran be strong be brave be humble be badass poster. Tom Brady but I respect him as a player he’s the goat hands down. As much as I wanted the Giants to win as a Saints fan, the ball hit the defenders hand. It was not PI.. Refs ruin another game!!! Congrats NFL. Brian Mitchell. Rick Bunk White. How come the giants get the ruled over at the end of the game by th refs, really why ya make brady the winner. Losing my faith in the nfl, trash!. Buccaneers wins the game today and will be the champion of the season!

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James Collin Johnson
My opinion, probably the best (all around) running back in the game. He single handedly saved my fantasy team this weekend..Thank u Dalvin Cook.. Jason Noel
besides kenny clark i dont think any of the other defensive linemen (lowry/lancaster) would be starters on any other nfl team. Dudes get blown off the line and man handled consistently. No nastiness on the packers defense.. Dalvin Cook yesterday achieved the feat of scoring four touchdowns in one game made famous by Polk High’s Al Bundy!
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Tenor. Dakota Heaton
Best back in the league when healthy. No question.. Tyler locketts day rocked above all . 15 catches , 200 yards , 3 touchdowns. Wr’s have the ball in their hands less !. That was awesome good job Vikings on winning the game . Jared Pflaster. Traded for him in my fantasy league week before this game. Must say i made a good call. Scored me almost 49 points! Veteran be strong be brave be humble be badass poster.

Carson Brite
Bengals could be good next year. Look how far the Cardinals have come since picking Kyler.. It’s going to be interesting what happens when cincy goes to miami. Yeah team keep up the good work.. Jacob Hart. O line was the MVP of this game. If you give the rookie some time. He will deliver. Boyd and Higgins getting their rhythm with JB.. I enjoy

, it has a great selection of NFL games and I like the DVR functionality. The video quality is also good. now t hat they have added the DVR + 300 hrs of space and the series record option…
. All that matters is #GOBUCS !!!!!!!!!!!! Red jerseys tonight. Man that toss to Higgins on the sideline was sick. Burrow is looking excellent.. Brad Umbra. Cody Lyons. Ben White
That sideline throw on the run . Omg. Tom Brady.. Some about our guys that come out of LSU

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