US army bell uh 1 huey hawaiian shirt and short


US army bell uh-1 huey hawaiian shirt and short · Follow Queen!. This performance was literally everything. You KILLED it Dua. .   · Follow. imagine being the confetti lucky enough to be part of dua’s set. CONGRATULATIONS. That was really amazing! I love every second of your performance.. Girl, don’t stop promoting Future Nostalgia! We need more from it. It’s amazing see you doing so well with disco influences, but so modern.. So beautiful love every song you have, and most of all I loved your performance every part of it, you ware amazing . Susitha Rangani. Yoooo that was such a dope performance. I still can’t get over the subway scene. I really thought you were on the subway at first…and when the lights start flickering as you go into the chorus of Physical….genius. Whoever came up with the concept o… See more. That was really incredible Dua, loved every second of your performance and wouldn’t mind watching it over and over again

US army bell uh-1 huey hawaiian shirt and short

US army bell uh-1 huey hawaiian short

You were an absolute star loved the show last night . Definitely one of your best exciting performance and a megamix we all deserved to hear. what was that just ??? I’m just in shock, it’s incredible, cool, beautiful, mesmerizing and unusual. I SCREAMED, I JUMPED, I ROLLED ON THE FLOOR, AND I SLIPPED ON THE FLOOR YEP ONLY TXT MADE ME DO ALL OF THOSE LIKE WOW THEY’RE REALLY INCREDIBLE AND COOL SO WOW WOW. i love you guys to the mountains and back, to the far far hills and around Europe and Australia back to the states and China and all the way back to Korea and I love you to the clouds and through universe crossed smiles all the way to sun and back. I l… See more. Amazing performances as usual US army bell uh-1 huey hawaiian shirt and short well done . I saw it, so excited to see you in September

US army bell uh-1 huey hawaiian shirt and short

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