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This looks amazing and like a really important story to tell, I’m excited to go watch it.. I followed Matt’s story when Maddie was first born, can’t wait to see it!. This is a great movie. Kevin did his thing in this. The movie had me in tears at some parts. The actress playing Maddy was so cute and she did her thing as well. Loved this movie. Great job all around!!!. This movie was so good, tearful, comedy, and a lesson about family love. Kiran Bhattachan. Sooooo good. One of Kevin’s best performances. Also, you’ll love the little girl in the role of his daughter. I see more big screen roles in her future. This is a great depiction of many of our wonderful Black Fathers! Netflix thank you for being a pla… See more. Watching it now. I had no idea it was apart of your production company! I love a movie that makes you feel all the feelings! Kevin is doing great and Alfre Woodard is amazing as always! Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker 2

Miss Michelle your Dad sounds like mine. I miss his laugh, his smile, the raised eyebrow every once in awhile at some of my ideas, his hugs, his love for his family….most of all I miss hearing him preach. He was a Pastor for 70 years. One more thing … See more. Love is a verb. Love others in your actions, so if you mouth never utter the words “ I Love You” … they will be able to see it and feel it in what you do. My father always made sure that I knew how much he loved me. I was always able to talk to him and I made him laugh. He made me laugh too. He always wanted the best for me and was the wisest man I knew. We grew even closer after my mom passed 11 yea… See more. My father was a genuinely good person. I didn’t realize until I was a young adult that parents weren’t automatically good, when a co-worker told me she had known her father was having an affair for years. My dad had a great sense of humor and was fun… See more Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker 1

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