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Karin Muenster FoustClass of ‘86 here and always remember your participation in our graduation as well! I’m sure these graduates will remember this just as much as I have. Thank you!26 . Tania FotheringhamI watched the movie called Bachelor party last night I was switching channels and it was on very 80”s I thought How so much has changed over time with how people’s personalities and the direction of life changes what is produced on film so diverse and … See more10 . Julie Briggs CenturioniI graduated from Skyline as well! Class of “73, remember?16 . Judy HalloumHi Tom…I did not attend Skyline High School I’m originally from Minnesota, attended Harding High School St Paul, Minnesota. But I did attend Chabot College, Hayward CA, Majored in early Childhood Education16 . Stena RicknerIn honor of Memorial Day I am binge watching Band of Brothers. You have had a huge part in telling America’s story with truth, reverence and accuracy. THANK YOU MR. HANKS!!12  Turtle god says you are poster

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عمار داونلودIt’s such memories, I pet you have lot of things you still remember right there. We so Thankful to skyline heigh school to brought to us such a great man. We all love you Hanx.4 . Joyce Prendergast BenesTom Hanks isn’t it amazing to see our younger selves and realize that at that moment we did not know what the future would hold. You are an amazing actor and I have loved you from the beginning of your career! Well done sir. I believe everyone is born … See more8 . Sherry Habeeb TaddeiJust watched your part of the “virtual graduation” for Skyline’s Class of 2020. As a member of Skyline’s Class of ‘75, thanks for doing that for the grads! I’m sure they loved having you participate in their celebration!I met some great kids there at “… See more13 . Winston ChavoorMy sister Charlotte graduated with you at Skyline in ‘74. She passed away almost two years ago. Still sad. They won’t let me post your sophomore yearbook photo!33  Turtle god says you are poster

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