Trum won save america flag


Celal Mehmet   · FollowVinyls back? 33 . Amanda SchislerSucks I didn’t get the signed CD but still love your music but I will stick to Spotify15 . Julien JulbeWe need more promotion of this fantastic album with a brand new single and a video63 . Joe OrlowskiPretty cool! I am disappointed though. I had ordered the autographed cd last year when you could preorder it and never received it. I contacted numerous times about it and was told there was a delay. Just yesterday, I received an email saying it was ca… See more60 . James WrayI hope we get chromatica part 2, I feel like there is more to this album x18 . Susan J Elliott FifeLady Gaga just watched your movie A Star Is Born for the 4th time and my boyfriend and I love you I’m this movie, you look great as a brunette also. Much prettier as a brunette and you are a great actress.2  Trum won save america flag

Trum won save america flag

Trum won save america flag 2

Tonia D. NevalaThis movie has been going since Feb. 25th and you are telling me they are still shooting this film wow here come 3hr movie God bless Gaga in it! Play GIFGIPHY1 . AnnMarie Hope BradyI don’t know if you will get time to read this but my fiance and I are getting married May 14 at 1pm est and our song is Shallow he bought me your makeup to wear and we have watched a star is born alot he says I’m alot like you are beautiful with and w… See more1 . E Sabrina HermanCan you all help me get Gaga to see this? I bought tickets for the Canada tour in early 2020 and i’m based in the USA; I physically am NOT allowed to Canada for the show, and Ticketmaster won’t let me sell my tickets or refund my money! Help! . Kareem SamuelsYou look fabulous, Lady Gaga & you’re wonderful person & a good singer.2  Trum won save america flag

Trum won save america flag

Trum won save america flag 1

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