To my son my firefighter custom poster



Great Job Joe!. New applications for unemployment is what has fallen not total unemployment: Jobless claims are a statistic reported weekly by the U.S. Department of Labor that counts people filing to receive unemployment insurance benefits. There are two categories of jobless claims—initial, which comprises people filing for the first time, and continuing, which consists of unemployed people who have already been receiving unemployment benefits.. Which only means less people have filed…not that they are employed…. Excellent POTUS !!!!! To my son my firefighter custom poster Play GIF Tenor. Lol that’s becUse PUI’s we’re officially finished . You guys are really pushing the falsehoods…. That’s a bunch of bull.. What’s the labor force participation rate?. Now that’s propaganda.. So what does 6,000 less people filing for unemployment this week really mean in the big scheme of the total dysfunction we are caught up in? 11,000,000 job openings still go unfilled and total US unemployment is 7,700,000. At least some portion of inflation is due to product prices being pushed up because unfilled transportation jobs are causing product shortages. And I could go on and on but it would be pointless with an audience who finds a 6,000 drop in unemployment claims to be a resounding success.

About product: To my son my firefighter custom poster

To my son my firefighter custom poster

If unemployment has dropped,why are there so many store,have a hiring sign up,and trucks can’t be unloaded,because no one once to work,when Biden pays them to stay home.Don’t try to baffle the American people.. Let’s go Brandon. Funny – they don’t mention the labor participation rate which is a significantly better indicator of the economy. Current rate is 63% – which means the true unemployment rate is 37% Now you know why they don’t talk about it. Leadership.. Let’s Go Branden!!!!. If people stop seeking a job (for any reason other than they obtained gainful employment) do they get removed from the unemployed numbers?. That’s because people are running out of unemployment. Let’s Go Brandon. Lying with statistics . Impeachment. How in the world does this guy think he can fool all of the people!? This post is a total lie!! And Remember who is in charge of our ‘Government’ right now…..Washington Post:– To my son my firefighter custom poster

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To my son my firefighter custom poster

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