This is my reading doormat


Yall look nice, but where is the album? This is my reading doormat Pause GIF. WHERE IS THE FREAKING ALBUM DUDES. I WAS JUST LISTENING TO YOUR MUSIC LAST NIGHT AND BOY WAS I SLEEP ON YOU. I’M UP ON YOU NOW. THE SONGS I HAD LISTENED TO I LOVED THEM. BUT I FOUND A FEW MORE. ONE EVEN SOUNDED LIKE A SAM COOKE VIBE. LOVE IT. Thank you for your pure talent and real music! He always has the retro timeless feel to his music! I love Bruno, cannot wait til he comes to Philly!. Does he know how cool he is? I’m sure he would not be impressed with a 75 year old fan…but he has one!. I am so glad you don’t put your music in a box. All of you have great voices. Do all kinds of music. I love everything you have done so far.. When is the rest of the album coming out, love the single but we’re starting to wear it out!!!!

This is my reading doormat

This is my reading doormat 2

I just love you guys I love your new band, silk Sonic and I think the drummer is really a good vocalist you guys just seem so much more cohesive and you are just so much more part of the group as opposed to having to be front-and-center all the time no… See more. I love everything you do, your music is art to my ears . You’ll never see this, but you have an old, musical soul. I am so grateful for the gift of you. Blessed Be.. I’m an old woman and you guys make me feel 30 again! Love your music. Love your style. Love everything!. Love this new song, such an amazing one! Thank you Bruno, keep on creating one and many more to come…. Yo what’s the hold up on the album, fellas?! Pool parties been jumping off without that new SS in rotation! LFG!!! This is my reading doormat

This is my reading doormat

This is my reading doormat 1

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