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The way people believe everything they are told lately, it doesn’t surprise me people really think that was a 4.1! After all they were told that and it was put on the board, has to be so!. The soul of gypsy Cowgirl poster. Speed is one thing. The ability to run affective routes, catch and understand many variables of the game are another.. My best 40 for soccer was closeish to that but then again that was that was years ago lol. My best 1 lap around the track was 49 flat but again best. My average as a younger self was was pretty good around 50-53 which isn’t too bad for one lap. My aver… See More. If you really understand how sports recruiting works , then you will know that too many Jordan’s , Kobe’s , Shaq’s , jerry rice’s or Hussein bolts was left in the hood , coz of the scouts perception about the hood . Dude got talents tho .

The soul of gypsy Cowgirl poster

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amazing shot. crappy D. Then amazing shot. I would bench that whole D.. Relax guys. I know he ducked, but it’s Danish 2. division Football(3rd tier soccer).. The defender on the back post moves out of the way. THATS WHY YOU ARE THERE!. defender on the goal line had no interest in getting in the way. Tyler Grant. I’m pretty sure the initial shot was already in.. One of the best shots I’ve ever seen. For those giving the P most defender a hard time…. yeah true, he moved his head out of the way. Natural reaction, but I’ve taken that shot to the face in almost the same scenario. All of the pigment in my eye ble… See More. Seeing the defender on the post move out of the way is just sad, one job and all he did was save himself.. Chris Trinh He’s ruining his shot percentage. Should have scored on the first try. Pause GIF

The soul of gypsy Cowgirl poster

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I can’t wait to see Daniel Cutting, the F2 and Chris MD to try for days to recreate this:). I’ve never seen someone pull off the sublimely magnificent Jecht shot mark IIIThe soul of gypsy Cowgirl poster.
Play GIF. To have played 17 years they probably froze thinkn the 1st went in but the pole defender super screwed up . I’m not usually impressed by any football vids. But that goal was great… I would have just hit the crossbar again, actually probably would have broke my arm!. Lyngby Boldklub play in the best Danish league. Last time Champions in 1992, but are now struggling in the bottom of the league. The match is a Cup match from this week.. I can’t try figure it out If it was Ronaldo or Leonel Messi
Could be
player of the year/best play in the world/play of the season/player of the month / player of the wherever I don’t know and so many

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He was immediately offered a contract by the Jets but turned it down to sign with Alabama, they pay more.. There are a lot of former football player and guys who didn’t make the league due to circumstances and opportunities. Whether it’s a 4.14 or a 4.4 due to forward movement it’s a very good 40 time. I give props.. The clock didnt start until he tripped the laser at the edge of the turf where it meets the asphalt. He had a headstart of running before time starts. Speed in and of itself is meaningless. Every amateur athlete knows some dude that runs a sub-4.4 forty. Why are they not all in the NFL? Because they’re 5’5″, weigh 135 pounds, and can’t play football. The part that makes this speed impressive is when … See More. The laser is 6-7 yards infront of him when the turf starts so he is getting huge momentum behind him before that laser starts he’s running a sub 4.7ish The soul of gypsy Cowgirl poster. 

His teamate blocking the goalies vision kinda helped for the second shot.. I’m just here to read why I shouldn’t enjoy this.. David T Le the only 2 people moving in this play was the shooter and the goalie. Everyone else was a stand still. Crazy series of events!. Kurt Fruth. Mark Holloway. Do we count a goal and an assist ?. Watch the guy in red by the net as the ball’s coming toward him he moves his head out of the way. That was good defence. Ye, right.. And all the defenders watch the ball with fascination as if they had never seen it before . Insanity. My 11 yo just shrugged when I showed him. Guess he’s out of the will now.. We used to do it all the time when we were kids.. What’s the point of standing in front of the goal if you duck when the ball comes at you

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