Take my hand westie poster


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Ashraf Tee. We want the EPL title so bad this round. We will if we work together UNITED. #GGMU. We must get 3 points for this game and there is no other excuses accepted !!!. Eddie Ngamla Sparrow. We need at least 2 winnings I hope you guys are aware of that.. #oleout This soft manager can’t make any progress , united deserve elite manager like nagelsman or diego Simone etc… Emmanuel Momanyi. When is united playing Sheffield united. Stepping It’s up it’s Sheffield if you lose you all need to have a look at yourself. . Must win I’m disapoited against the looses in Champions league against instabul & RB Ole should wake up in team selection…. Stepping up to give Sheffield United their 1st win of the season. I just hope that you win the game, yesterday’s fixtures made me start appreciating simple things in life.. Let’s beat them hands down and get the three points, it’s very important. Take my hand westie poster

Take my hand westie poster

God westie take my hand poster A1

We must win, 3point is ours. Sack every cow in this team… all of them out. Why put Auba in this pic. Well all the moaners on this post go and support Arsenal they need all the help they can get, and leave United to the real supporters.. Till when am worried just to overtake that debt club. I guess we are lose this time.. Up the reds x x . With Ole of course the results will be shocking. Oboh Alexander. Mohamed Shariff Zarina Jane. Gatete Mbugua. Gorbaince Chak. Dave Robinson Take my hand westie poster Players can’t even party on New Year’s Eve. FA needs to give these players some rest !. Ev Ebanks. When is the match. Kassy Coxican Ptarh. We want back jlinz. Maguire out. Deepayan Pal Please do win the upcoming league matches, we have the best possible chance to challenge for the title this season. Just do it for the fans please.

Take my hand westie poster

God westie take my hand poster A2God westie take my hand poster A3

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