Sphynx cat car decal sticker


What a beautiful painting – so sad that it’s a memorial rather than a celebration. It didn’t need to happen.. Can’t say in adequate words enough how much I love this portrait of her… say her name, Black Live So Matter to me and many many others! Breonna Taylor, you will never be forgotten, beauty. . Just so you know, all lives matter. Beautiful artwork.. Speed Museum of Art, Louisville KY, put together a beautiful tribute to Breonna Taylor and BLM. This story still breaks my heart in 1,000 pieces. She was in her own home, in her own bed, and she gets shot and killed. It’s infuriating and heartbreaking and . I saw this painting in person a few weeks ago at the Speed art museum in Louisville. They have a nice tribute to her. If you have the chance to go see it in person. I highly recommend it. Sphynx cat car decal sticker

Sphynx cat car decal sticker

Sphynx cat car decal sticker 2

The best way we can honor her memory is by dismantling the police systems we have in place. Breonna is not an exception to the rule. Police in the US kill about a thousand people every year. This is absolutely unacceptable. Reform won’t fix this. “… See more. A beautiful young lady caught between horrible lifestyles choices and no knock warrants…its unfortunate that we teach our children that she is a victim instead of the reality that there are consequences to your actions…choose drug deals and murders… See more. Even here in Italy from today the days will be sadder. A young 20 year old boy committed suicide due to racism that is rampant everywhere. . Thinking of these kids that were killed by gun violence. When will we advocate for that Michelle Obama???. May the System Reform with the Gathering of many career Feilds practicing a service of Security Sphynx cat car decal sticker Relieve of Chain of Command is Consistent to apply pressure for Quality,to all the victims of police brutality God rest your souls

Sphynx cat car decal sticker

Sphynx cat car decal sticker 1

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