Skull heart anerican flag shirt


Skull heart anerican flag shirt · Follow. Yeah. Happy Mother’s day..   · Follow The mother is the best gift from the God,. Mother in palestine. Happy Chelsea day . Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool I gave him a glass of water. Mark Zuckerberg such beautiful kids . Imagine kids of same age are getting raped and are butchered in Palestine ..   · Follow. Mother to be the greatest happy mothers day .   · Follow.   · Follow. You’re someone with so so so much power and influence, you have a family that you love and kids that you wish to see grow up! How on earth are you quiet, how are you keeping your eyes closed from what’s happening in Palestine?. While you were celebrating mother’s day very happily, Palestinian children were losing their mothers to Israeli airstrikes And Palestinian mothers were burying their kids and hopes of a better future with their own hands!

Skull heart anerican flag shirt

Skull heart anerican flag v-necl

Skull heart anerican flag shirt · Follow You did shots for your anniversary. Mark Zuckerberg Exactly .   · Follow.   · Follow.   · Follow. Good job Mark and Priscilla. Does Priscilla has a nursing background ? Keep on doing good to humanity. It is good to express solidarity for our frontline, a little act of compassion goes a very long way. Thanks to both of you !!.   · Follow. No matter who you are or where you are in life, giving your time for others is always selfless and indicative of a kind soul..   · Follow. Thank you for always helping and contributing to our island. Hope I get to run into you both. That would be so cool!.   · Follow. Priscilla looks so in the zone. Great job. Both of you!. Saw your hike pic earlier wondered if you were in HI (Waimea canyon?!) Such a wonderful thing that you were also able to make time to give back to the Kauai community on your anniversary!

Skull heart anerican flag shirt

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