Poster skiing be strong be brave be humble


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Poster skiing be strong be brave be humble

Not sure why most of Djokovics fans call every one who has other favorites-HATERS. Sounds like YOU are the haters.. What happened with Rafa @RG? Where did Novak go?. His new gear looks sharp! The world No1 indeed! IDEMOOOO!!!!. Dean Summers. Emmanuel Emma II. We missed you Novak !!!. Cruising to 6 th year ending no 1, and soon to be most week as nr 1 in history..Tip top. Novak the best ever. Nadal can play Golf. He just won the French Open Lol. What does it matter anyway. The boss is back!. He’s gone down in my estimation since he came out as an anti-vaxxer. I thought he was better than that, but I was wrong.. Patricia Alano The ugliest thing to see are comments that make it look like the Big3 hated each other. They don’t! It’s the fans that hate each other.. Set those records. What time is his first match.

Skiing be strong be brave be humble poster

Skiing be strong be brave be humble poster A1

Karim Atallah He is definitely worth of such praise. Every sport is different and in each sport you have 2 or 3 players that are just extraordinary. In tennis, Nada is definitely one of the best athletes of all time.. Andrey Rublev is high on dung Nadal is great but nowhere close to that sentiment, there’s been very pivotal players in sports and tennis specifically…Nadal is not one of them. I’m a Fed fan but I have to agree with Rublev. Nadal is well deserved to be the idol of next generation tennis players in particular, and in sport in general! I used to dislike Nadal (for obvious reason) but he has won my heart and respect over the yea… See More. The greatest on clay. One of the greatest in tennis. Everyone should have an opinion and not demand explanations.. so the point for me is to truly believe your champion is the best ever and support him 100% even if he had a bad day..I would say this means Novak supporters ..I have never seen such a bond … See More

Skiing be strong be brave be humble poster

Skiing be strong be brave be humble poster A2

But for me, it’s Roger Federer… The best, the greatest, ever.. Sorry Mr. Rublev… Djokovic way ahead of him and federer. It was just djokovic didnt hv x factor to attract the fans.. Satish Dixit
Looking at Rafa in play always reminds me of Achilles….Great fighters …both…. best athlete on clay. come on man. Serena is a better all-around, more accomplished, more dominant athlete, if you want to pick one.. He’s the best athlete in history on clay only.. Rafa is not King of tennis just of Clay. Shashank Kulkarni. It is very hard to compare athletes from different sports ! But no matter what others say, Rafa reigns “supreme” at Roland Garros with 98% winning %, 13 titles, 100 wins and 3 losses, nobody will never be able to replicate this record for a long long t… See More. The Greatest ever to play this game Tennis.. Hilarious, that’s an extreme no. Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Ussain Bolt…..just to name a few athletes that are better than Rafa. Credit his tennis accomplishments but greatest athlete of all time, he is not even close.

Skiing be strong be brave be humble poster A3

Ok, you meme creators, really need to get a real job…. Vasile MN
That’s Luigi, aka the character that the little brother was playing. But funny resemblance indeed.. Karim Melikian
I thought it was Jordan Thompson at first. Miguel Ángel Fresneda González
Yes, the character is Luigi, but the game is Mario Tennis. Nothing wrong.. But is Luigi not Mario . Garfar Ayinde. It is mario brother Luigi ,he wear green
seems like that ATP page cc never played Super Mario Bros.He even have L on his hat. But that is-a-Luigi and not-a-Mario! Close enough though.. Look at the quad muscles of Mario . Judith Jaca. Jordan Thompson should by here . Mario Lopez actually. So is it Thompson or Johnson? They both got staches!. Thompson’s mansion.. Simon Ghattas
We know it’s Luigi
they were referring to the game – Mario Tennis . This is not 1970 or Cannonball Run. My daughter was talking about super mario yesterday and today i see it on FB.

Love watching him play, multi talented and has a great future ahead, good luck Diego . Nice football moves from the little man Diego,beautiful and very entertaining tennis player.. He’s really super with his feet is he doing with his racket he’s just hanging it down I thought this was 10 that’s not football or soccer or whatever they call that I’m really not anything else just mostly tennis I guess I’m being now what do I call my… See More. I checked again that this is ATP page or Champion League page…. He’s an Argentine, he probably knew how to play football before he can walks. . Rolis Vanili Dongmo. I think all the pro tennis can master that! . Thought Rafa had some good keepy-up skills but Peque is the master!. Fell in love with Diego – height is just a number. Find Diego is fast, quick and very entertaining to watch. Love most Diego won over 7-ft tall Opelka – shaking hands at net – Diego stood tall on his toes and reached up as high as he could to reach O… See More

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