Savannah cat crack car decal sticker


Savannah cat crack car decal sticker · Follow. She was a black queen. Unfortunately mistakes that causes pain forever is what’s happening in our world now .. Beautiful painting! We haven’t forgotten Breonna.. Beautiful portrait of a woman gone too soon.. What a wonderful painting . Black Lives Matter still girl . Beautiful. Only met her once or twice and many years ago. Still remember her smile and warmth.. Thank you, Michelle Obama , for remembering this beautiful lady whose life was taken so harshly and way too soon. You are a lovely inspiration to all and I am so thankful that you continue to share your truths and love – and thank you for “Waffles & Mo… See more. Beautiful image. My heart breaks.. Just finished your book . Beautiful rendition of her. HB and may she RIP.. So sad for the insanity of her situation. Although she is at home in Heaven and we all know her beautiful name this event was insane on every level. Rest in Heavenly Peace Breonna and Happy Blessed Birthday

Savannah cat crack car decal sticker

Savannah cat crack car decal sticker 2

Mi father is in heaven right now we were 10 kids and he always provide everything for us , happiness , music, book teach us to work hard and care about the people I miss him but I’m sure he is singing in heaven. Happy father day to all the great father… See more. My uncle worked with your dad at Chicago Reclamation. He had nothing but respect and praise for him.. Yemurai Chikwangura Gwatirisa. My Dad lived life to the full and appreciated every day. He was happy to get to 75 but would have liked to have made 80! He loved his nearest and dearest with all his heart. That is what it’s all about . Beyond love for my dad – when upset, he never cussed – he said he heard enough of it in the Marines on Guadalcanal. He also had a great sense of humor diffusing hard situations – Class Act was my dad. Earl Thomas Nagel he was. I honor him. Savannah cat crack car decal sticker

Savannah cat crack car decal sticker

Savannah cat crack car decal sticker 1

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