Poster paramedic be strong be brave be humble be badass


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Walter Napier Mozee I have NO WORDS to thank you Vietnam vets for your service. You were treated so unfairly and never got the love you deserved!. This was simply amazing. Rocky Bleier! Thank you for your service and we’re all glad you made it home. I had two brothers there. Both of them made it home but neither one of them wore the same. God bless you my brothers and all our veterans. Have a hap… See More. I had a neighborhood friend that never came back and was never found, same age as me. I think of him often. Thank all vets for their sacrifice and service.. Martin Bonk. It would be nice to think that we could learn how to settle our differences in a more civilized manner, but when I look at what’s happening in some cities around our own country, I can’t help but think there’s no real hope for humanity.

Poster paramedic be strong be brave be humble be badass

Poster paramedic be strong be brave be humble be badass A1

Thats exactly what the world needs and needs to see more of with understanding! We all need each other! More love! Not hate! You dont have to be Einstein to feel Understand and feel that!. The first 2 videos the soldier didn’t have a combat patch so where are they coming from??? Slc for 3 weeks . Daaaaaang and his gf is in the stands . Awkward. Why do you go to war, stay home and love your baby . Serve your country in your country.. Thank you all for your service! I was trying to hold my tears from the first clip, but the second video the way the kids grab, jump, and scream for their teacher made be cried like a baby.. I’m 24 and these still get me every time. Probably always will.. I agree, this is moving. Also reminds me of why we need to stop the endless wars. Bring our troops home.

Poster paramedic be strong be brave be humble be badass

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The way they all said “who’s that? Momma?” My heart . You wanna see an awesome homecoming… go to YouTube and type in ironpigs homecoming and watch the video with the child in the striped shirt. Love these videos. This one was so great though. So slick how they snuck her in there! . Happy to see the joy of those who made it back. Disheartening for those that did not come home….standing up.. Where was this during “Vietnam Era” ? Love is great!. I love these. My kids weren’t born while I served, but I can surely appreciate the occasion.. That’s why i love the Harlem globetrotters.not just because they’re great at basketball but also the kindest people I’ve ever seen.. Mama came home with blood money, and people far and wide salute at it, even throw emotions in… The mankind became a cancer of this planet.. If you voted for trump..these soldiers of ours will no longer be deployed overseas!

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Chris Lander. He’s wearing a basketball jersey so this counts as sports content.. Got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and on SportsCenter nonetheless! Can’t wait to see what future holds for REAL sports in 20 years.. He hasn’t changed much from when I saw him on Toy Story. Why is this on sportscenter. I can’t even play the game with a controller. Toy Story called, they said they want Sid back!. I dont care for this content either, but many of you clearly have no idea what the word E(ntertainment)SPN means. Nicholas Conway. The amount of “Actually Esports is a thing” comments is hilarious. I promise you you won’t change the mind of the people that don’t like it LOL. Matt Rodriguez. Isnt that kinda like a modded controller though? aka cheating….. What does this have to do with LeBron?. “SportsCenter”……I’m lost???. He was off beat the entire time… worst song ever

When my husband came home one time, we hugged for so long in the airport. At the end, I squeezed his butt and the workers started laughing . In my country our militry treat us with so much hate and that’s why we never celebrate them. But I always tear up whenever I see such videos. Wish I can have such experience someday. I love these so much!! Thank you for your service!. Joe Traft. I’m here to tell people that not starting needless wars is supporting the military. These families also sacrifice so much! My heart goes out to them also!. Can’t get enough of the surprise homecomings. The look of shear joy on their faces…feels so good.. These homecomings are a joy to see . May all the families be blessed. And Thank you all in Uniform for your service. We thank God for all of you.. I’m not a crier but I tear up every time I see films like this.

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