Poster just a girl who loves cats


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This is amazing. He has everything on point. I can his sad eyes. It hurts to see it. He was so broken until he was on stage. If his mom and sister couldn’t fix him, no one could, just himself. He needed therapy. Everyone, but a select few saw the signs… See More. This captures quite a story on Michael’s face. Beautiful portrait!!. Wow just wow! Great artistic portrait. BRAVO to the artist.. This is the MJ era I loved: the Quincy Jones era. I think he’s a good guy help us with our charity in school generously, great singer, dancer. I’m sad his gone. Bless his soul.. Nary Alvarez. Amazing talent, and I was lucky to have seen him perform . Michael Jackson . Do u remember Poster just a girl who loves cats When we fell in love?. Can’t understand why he hated himself, handsome man and great picture and very talented. Beautiful picture of Michael. Love n miss him. My grandson watches. His videos all the time n can dance like him.

Poster just a girl who loves cats

Just a girl who loves cats A1

“Micheal, lived the true creed of his existence! .. “The Peter Pan, image, of never grow up, will alway’s apply to him he’ll never die, his light, spirit, and . Can not wait for him to walk on stage for his come back tour.. Michael’s talent was breathtaking.. I remember seeing him do the moonwalk on live tv on the Motown 25 Special in 1983.. everyone crowded around the tv to see him sing and dance… all those Grammys he won that night in 1984 was no surprise.. it was we… See More. Be bought a revolution in music industry with out him , industry not the same. From: india. I was glued to the TV watching that year cheering every award! . Well deserved for his unique talents! And to think, now their givin Grammys away like candy!. i love Michael because of him i want to live Poster just a girl who loves cats

Poster just a girl who loves cats

Just a girl who loves cats A2Just a girl who loves cats A3

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