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He was immediately offered a contract by the Jets but turned it down to sign with Alabama, they pay more.. There are a lot of former football player and guys who didn’t make the league due to circumstances and opportunities. Whether it’s a 4.14 or a 4.4 due to forward movement it’s a very good 40 time. I give props.. Pilot you don’t stop flying when you get old poster. The clock didnt start until he tripped the laser at the edge of the turf where it meets the asphalt. He had a headstart of running before time starts. Speed in and of itself is meaningless. Every amateur athlete knows some dude that runs a sub-4.4 forty. Why are they not all in the NFL? Because they’re 5’5″, weigh 135 pounds, and can’t play football. The part that makes this speed impressive is when … See More. The laser is 6-7 yards infront of him when the turf starts so he is getting huge momentum behind him before that laser starts he’s running a sub 4.7ish

Pilot you don’t stop flying when you get old poster

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This is a play where LBJ decided his friendship with DWADE was more important then his team. He could have had a chase down block but instead he watched his buddy have a memorable slam.. I had this play saved on my DVR forever. Pilot you don’t stop flying when you get old poster. Corey Smith. Clintt R. Meyers. Anthony Blaine. Dewayne wade cheated. He acted like he was doing something else, then at last second he changed his mind to make a dunk attempt. He needs to figure what he’s doing before doing it.. One of the most underrated players of all time, along with Tim Duncan…. We fighting after you dunk on me like this. Never understood how Anderson was on a team. The only time in his career that Anderson Varejao legitimately fell down.. Everyone like to mimic Iverson with the step over the guy when they down.. One of the many moments LeBron realized he’d eventually be in South Beach.

Pilot you don’t stop flying when you get old poster

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hilarious! I wondered how Tiger feels about the lack of the throngs.. Sportscenter used to be great. Daniel Woods man this is the waking up early to watch the top 10 plays in 3rd grade type sports center. Sean Murphy good ones but it’s a shame they don’t have the Arnold Palmer making his Arnold Palmer drink lol. I miss Stuart Scott so much! Listening to Stephen A. screaming and talking about himself on ESPN all the time sucks…. I cannot believe nobody is wearing a mask. We sooooooo neeed commercials like this again. These classic commercials are the best. Cory Niten. The Phil part is you trying to coach me whenever we do a scramble Shawn Rodehorst. Chris Tendall. ack when Eldrick had a full head of hair. They make the greatest commercials. I love them all. Phil Stoecker classics. Rob McMackin, Peter Wagner… when the caddies get involved it gets better. Highlight PBnJ! Tyrone Parker…

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Ethan Lucas. Then he said, “that’s how you do that $#!+” Because Lebron missed a dunk on the previous play.. Christian Anderson Pilot you don’t stop flying when you get old poster.
Why did they cut out LeBron getting blocked?? . This video lives rent free in my memory . The way he turned so he could step over him . Lebron slowed down and watched it happen. Where was the block from behind??. I still think Dwayne better then LeBron!!! like look at him! LeBron didn’t want smoke! he stood behind acting like he was going to do something… Then sooner or later he join Wade’s team. Not Wade join LeBron’s team. It just facts! LeBron needed help … See More. It is Anderson varejao I mean come on the man is legit known for taking charges that’s like lbj getting pumped over the terry dunk . Jacob Gamon. Garrett Schuyler Vosburgh. Correction, had to dig back 11 years to find a highlight other than LeBron.

For a second I thought he was about to try and eat cereal with a fork, only a psychopath does that. Lol.. Rennie Napoli. Back when ESPN was clever and relevant.. Waiting for the Karen’s who don’t keep up on sports to say, “where is everyone’s mask”
Pause GIF. Lol Democrats gathering after mandating masks and cancelling holiday gatherings.. back when people cared about ESPN. Get back to sports. Remember ESPN before the WOKE crowd. But… the Arnold Palmer!!. How have I not seen the colorblind Ricky Fowler one?!? They’re all hilarious. That’s funny. All the letters handed to Stuart Scott were opened already after being handed to him by fencer. Chris Dorm first employee in the fencing gear is you. Can someone explain to me the orange color blind bit? I dont get it. Why not show us Lebron commercials …?. Suellen Barwick. One of my favorites is Arnold Palmer in the cafeteria mixing…..an Arnold Palmer.

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