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Does Citi interview candidates and judge their skin tone at that point, or do we just fill out a form and tell them what color we are? Phoebe oh my eyes poster Banks only have ONE agenda (Profits) don’t be fooled that they’re being good Samaritan’s. Good. They certainly were complicit in ensuring that people became poor! Yep, more institutional racism. But funny nobody will complain about it when it benefits them. So many triggered republicans

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Phoebe oh my eyes poster

And they keep lowering the rate on my savings account. It may not be much but I worked for it and let them use it to invest and make more money. Phoebe oh my eyes poster Citi, first, are you paying your employees a decent livable wage? And that will be nothing if the public schools that minorities attend suffer from horrible quality of education. For many the best way to succeed in life is by being able to graduate from a good school which will facilitate the entry at an elite colleg… See More

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Phoebe oh my eyes poster

As long as they are a good risk profile, I see no problem here. If not and citi is just cutting loans to high risk profiles, those mortgages need to be labeled as high risk to investors when they sell them. We do not want another bubble to burst. Phoebe oh my eyes poster I’m thinking some people didn’t read the article before commenting. It’s a big bank repurposing millions. Do I believe they’re operating from truly altruistic values? No, but the article doesn’t describe nor allude to anything near sub-prime lending pr… See More

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