Poster be strong be brave be humble be badass nurse


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They had these at the Rangers ballpark in Arlington last year, I never tried one but heard they were pretty good. I’m with you not a pickle fan. But my kids would love this.. Hmmm all this for a 10 cent hot dog…..rotflol! Which is still ( wait for it) a hot dog!. Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster. Definitely not gourmet. So, ran out of drinks to make?. Who the hell came up with this insane concoction? . Stop playing with y’all parents food stamps. Looks like Fair Food?. So are we done with the booze now?. I kept saying, why doesn’t he just use an apple corer. without pickles it will be perfect . We don’t to corn dogs over hear I have also don’t bever see pickles that size over hear United Kingdom wales . Soooo the ‘thingy’ you sharpen knives with ( which you used to put a hole through the hot dog) is called a steel

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster A1

Watching this video brought flash backs of the fresh prince of belair when ashley got her job at the dippity doo dog in the mall. This seems x rated. That’s a no for me..and I like pickles. If they aren’t sliced and cooked properly, they are just soggy and gummy. You can’t cook an entire pickle like that and it be good… Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster. Where I come from these cucumbers are not pickles:)). This is what happens when a bartender think he’s a chef Pause GIF. Lol every this seems weird… me ummmm… have you never put pickle relish on your hotdog before? . So it’s a PICKLE CORNDOG, just add mustard . If you watch this video with no sound, it’s even more awkward.. Ooooh needs mustard probably though. OMG!!! That looks awesome! Give me a bunch of mustard to go with it and I’m happy! . First cook the pickles and sausages bruh then you do that or your eating cooked flour and raw pickles and sausages

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster A2

I think this pandemic took a toll on his stock on his booze and increased his liquor license and he just decided to make not so-Licouse things. Looks like Demogorgon food. Was it just me or did he sound like this guy when he said omg ??? Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster.
Play GIF. Okay I’m going to say it. PEASE clean your pot. Some backing soda and elbow grease will get that black stuff off.. It’s national pickle day today! November 14th, also Flag Day!. I have a very dirty mind … And thats now official . Something they would do at the county fair.. I’d cook the dog first seems like it be raw. Michael Thompson. What i notice u always trying food but not drinks….change your name to food bartender. Chuck Rippa. as always ….leave eating and stay in whisky. I would try all your food , Late night after a few drinks ! Bring it on !

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster A3

Wow that looks Tipsy yummy …. I love the tipsy bartender and his drinks, but I’m getting super sad with the big drinks cuz we can’t have parties cuz of stupid COVID. Can we maybe make more shots? I just worry this may promote people to having parties.. If I drink this.. it’s definitely adios mf for me… Judith Hinton
Wow.. just tipsy stuff. Is there an English version of sweet and sour???. Lots of alcohol! 4 bottles. Everclear!. Sky stay on your ankle lol . I. Would. Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster.
that.. Kaustav Sen. Imma try this tonite. Phillipa Webb Taylor Webb Nate Webb Jackson Webb let’s make this for on the beach in Busso. No need to leave the gazebo. Rhian Webb we can sort u out some mocktails. Is that a 2 gallon jar?. Tipsy Bartender if I don’t have sweet and sour. Brittany Fisher next time we get together we just need to make this!!!

Moustafa Tariq
Awesome!. Listening you say “Homeboy” is relaxing. Mouth watering. Looks very sweet!!. I love your recipes except for the fact that pretty much everything needs to either deep fried/cooked in oil.. Stop the shenanigans! I’m obsessed!. The romantic unit and I stalk your page for cocktail recipes! We
you btw. But even if you were a flunky bartender, I think we’d still watch because your voice and excitement are intoxicating (like what I did there, lol).. Stay Delicious. Okay but was anyone else impressed with how he took the covering off the Nutella?!. Forgot the chopped strawberries…in the rolls. From drink expert to cook. Always taking a giant bite . Put strawberries in it and fry it . He must’ve really ran out of drinks to make with blue curacao that now he making poor people foods that all need to be deep fried or dipped in oil. What a clown. I followed him cause he did make some interesting drinks at one point and then he just los… See More

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