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David Ferguson. Nic Shott. He seems like a pretty down to earth dude..props to him!. Shaun Chamberlain. First of all, put your mask back on. That’s why he’s won the last 2 Blake’s of the year. Who makes TikToks at the grocery store (or at all)? . Did she even know (or recognize) who he is?. Reggie L. Harris. As we are all well aware. Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster. If you dance in a grocery store on tiktok. You cant get covid. FACTS. Blake griffin looks like a 2K create-a-player that someone was too lazy to customize so they just made him tall lol. Those are some old fashioned John Stockton shorts. How she knew it was Blake Griffin with his mask on. Graham Bexon. So a basketball player, who was told shut up and dribble, has more sense to wear a mask more than Republicans. Sheldon Spencer. She runs into Blake Griffin, who does her a solid and does the video, only to immediately expose him to her potential covid…

Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster

Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster A1

It’s a shame how his Career has gone. He was arguably top 5 player in his prime but kept getting late season injuries.. Carlo Marinuzzi. He moves like someone with 80 year old knees.. Xavier Palmer. When did they start calling videos TikToks. It’s a video!!!! The name doesn’t even make sense. How is the sound of a clock/watch anyway related to posting video snippets. Ryan Dineen. Probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever watched. That ear mask saves the day.. Blake should tell her to put her mask back on . Law Bol. Why she take her mask off tho? Adam Silver gonna be pissed if he sees this. The clippers could use him back .lol and I think he can use them too.. he was exciting to see know you hardly hear of him.. go Lakers though!. He looks like will Farrell and delonte west’s son. Sean O’Reilly

Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster

Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster A2

Hope he doesn’t get hurt doing this kind of stuff lol No… seriously! We need you healthy big fella!! Pretty cool of him tho!. I met him at the airport his rookie year and he was a super nice guy. I respect him for this. A lot of celebs would not have done this or even been kind for that matter!. Very cool! Stay healthy big fella!! Need you come December!!. I somewhat gained more respect for Blake Griffin after this. Not many pros would be so kind.. I love it when a star can give a average joe the time of day.props to BG. She will forever remember this moment. Man Blake Griffin fell off. Not bc he is on this tik tok, but bc I forgot about him until I saw this tik tok lol. I feel like he been hurt for 4 years.. Zach Franckhauser. Than he got injured after he will be out until march next season

Nurse perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created poster A3

You see how maginet is loe messi the way he control the ball. Looking like Karate Kid. It looks like he’s kicking the ball at his own face.. Jacob Weaver. Ricky Arend. normal header for every other player . Nasiru Kotey. Who said midgets can’t jump???. Hello guy’s am so bored in need of friends. David Gutierrez. I pulled my hammy just looking at this photo…. Too bad he hasn’t touched an international trophy.. Sup peeps. I’m not hating but guys in advertising claim that he’s the . Scottie Slayden. Mario Junior. Thats what she said.
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New contender emerges in $182m tussle. CR7 is better. Quinn Manderfield. Fer Bueno Renjel. It was approaching my birthday but things between me and my man where changing so much. He wasn’t caring and loving as before. I didn’t know what had brought this but before we used to hang out together and go to lunch together sometimes, or dinner and often went for shopping together but all that had changed. One day when I was talking to one of his friends about our relationship and how my man was changing because I truly love him, his friend was very honest with me and told me that my man was seeing another woman who was working at a nearby mall. My heart broke into pieces but I didn’t show his friend that I was crushed inside. We continued talking and after I went home I cried but I knew tears would not bring back my man so I contacted Aunt Adamz and asked her to do a love and binding spiritual prayer for me so my boyfriend loves me and only me and also to make sure we celebrate my birthday together as a couple and it indeed happened. Aunt Adamz +27717929728 made a love and binding spiritual prayer immediately it started working. My boyfriend confessed everything about the other woman and told me their relationship had not gone far and begged for my forgiveness and I forgave him because we are all humans and learn through mistakes. We are back together and on my birthday my boyfriend surprised me with a romantic candle light dinner and he also brought roses and balloons and presents at my place. I had the best birthday ever. Thanks so much Aunt Adamz You can call or whatsapp aunt Adamz on ++27717929728 incase you are having any problems in your life. Her spiritual power will do the miracles for you.

As a Razorback fan I would say the Penn St snag was the best. That’s pretty impressive concentration and grip right there! WPS. Tommy Vo
These guys have all earned their prestigious “Baby Bron” nickname.. Being a Texas State alum and seeing our receivers make plays like this just reminds me how much talent we’re wasting. God we suck lol.. Bert Hyman
If you bring it in with the other hand it’s not exactly one handed #fakenews. Jared Jeffers. Joshua Javins. Benjamin Simonds
AJ Green at Colorado is still the best one ever.. TXST represent! Eat em up cats. Gonna be another bad year but ill still pull for my alma mater. Really not going to show “The catch” UCF vs Temple, JJ Worton!?. Pennstate reciever had 2 the same drive maybe even back to back…..sadly they still stink this year. How many hands I use? Do I get options other than 1 or 2?

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