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The idea of slavery should be uncomfortable to every human being as should understanding America’s role in the subjugation and owning of black people. Our new Federal holiday is something to celebrate and reflect on our difficult past and the struggle… See more. Vik Cuba. Can’t we just celebrate all the people that fought to free enslaved people? I am starting to feel like I am being categorized as the enemy since I was born white. Racism and suppression certainly don’t reflect the life I have led. And I am certain t… See more. Humankind is getting wiser. Only then shall we prevail. We need to be united regardlesss of our differences.. We attended a wonderful art exhibit presented by the Dr. Carter Woodson African American Museum called “Reverberations, Black Artists on Racism and Resilience. In St. Pete at The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art. It was moving and beautiful. #… See more Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker 2

I hope to see For The People Act to pass and as we expand proper access of voting rights for brown and black people, to in that see the need that voter’s with disabilities need, to increase access of voting of people with disabilities; many people with… See more. Amen, This is not about eating and dancing, but teach the children from babes to adults their history and the suffering their ancestors endured so they could live more productive lives! Loving one another And NOT HURTING AND KILLING EACH OTHER!!. It’s still people enslaved like me in this trap of trying to do the right thing and getting messed over every time and I’m speaking the truth when will my turn be. The United States claims to be a democratic country. Stopping American citizens from voting is not democratic it’s pathetic… Maine coon crack car decal sticker Sorry. Thank you Mrs Michelle Obama for the reminder about this Juneteenth. We hope that our people learn that God gave them freedom from the time that they came out of their mother’s womb. Human being in 2021 May want to impose slavery in whatever shape or f… See more

Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker 1

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