Lion and god canvas poster


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Kar Lie Lion and god canvas poster He’s a great talent we’ve gotten , just that he hasn’t learn how to partner with RASH when they’re both on pitch. His speed , dribble and Shot power is merciless . Do more dude #GGMUforever. Sani Rich Salifu Mason is still growing and needs to learn to be a better team player. He has been more selfish on goal lately. Swanand Lele. We all know he is the best youngsters.. OLE’S JOB TO MAKE him the best…. He should work hard. Follow how experienced Cavani doing on the ground. Run… run… and run all over the pitch.. Elias Bura The only problem at this club is there is no leadership.We have no senior experienced player who can lead these talented kids and motivate them.Only coach is the one who protect them from the media critics.Look at Lingard,he is a masterclass player and… See More. He’s been ‘doing’ a lot of things recently…especially in Iceland….

Lion and god canvas poster

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John Schofield. I honestly feel that the club shouldn’t be reminding us (the fans) anything to do with their Europa, this season!. There are so many plastic fans in this Club…if you can’t support this coach then you can leave to another club when the sack him you can come back…stop wasting your data to Comment rubbish here. Let’s take a look at the signings we have made since Fergie left. We won’t ignore the poor one’s he made ( Bebe, Djemba Djemba, Bellion etc) but at least the team WON. Based on fees paid vs return, not including free transfers, Herrera, Mata and Blind … See More. Oboh Alexander. Prince Nathaniel O. Omaka Lion and god canvas poster No reaction is as interesting as Wolverhampton Vs Chelsea. I keep feeling alright each time I remember I watched the game. Utd shouldn’t make a mess with this opportunity. City too had a tie. What a time for Utd to move.

Lion and god canvas poster

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