Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster


People from other countries, the situation in my country is serious, we are being killed and censored, the government orders the army and police to open fire on civilians and they are silencing the people before the world, we need your help!!!. Here in Colombia we want the world to know that the government itself is killing us, we need our voice to be heard and for the international organizations in charge of safeguarding human rights to be present.#SOS #Colombia #ColombiaAlertaRoja #ParoNaci… See more. Hey Mark, is that where you learned how to censor posts and restrict who could see them (shadow banning)? Before moving that capability to Facebook? By the way great communist control move, de-platforming President Trump. After all the free expression … See more. How come you restrict people leaving comments about their own country and leaving the ones that are discriminating women!!!..   Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster · Follow.   · Follow Amazing!

Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster

Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster A3

Great initiative Mark..   Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster · Follow. When I saw 400+ messages in 1min I just knew it’ll be nothing but, people talking about different things not related to the post. Congratulations. Well it looks Apple kicked you in the butt. You pissed on the conservative now watch your earnings take a dive. No more collection of our data and selling it. Lol. Don’t divorce with your wife.. Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water. I love supporting the community.. Interesting milestone: Workplace, our business communication tool, has hit 7 million paid subscribers — a 40% increase in the last year. We built Workplace as an internal version of Facebook to run our own company, and it was so useful we started lett… See more.   · Follow. Your stock is about to tank.

Jesus with lovely Bulldog poster

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