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Oh look another steve jobs movie… Never liked him. I must see this. Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors. Peace, cheers and new adventures. According to logic you have to die before you become well known. Lol Yashamaru Iga I’m the cabana boy staff t-shirt Steve: “The plan will reveal itself when you’re ready to see it”. Biography of thebsteve job only for (128rupee) AMAZON.IN Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography. Didnt this movie already get made with different actors?. Hi steven,am a zambian looking fir a job there any luck fir a so much interested a a job plz hekp am physically challenged. It will open to a low audience, play about a week then disappear like the other ones. Be on video shortly after. All those that wasted money on the first two won’t piss away money again for a third one.. So… the next IPad/IPhone/IDump/whatever got it. I’m watching it right now. About to walk out I’m so bored with it, and it’s barely a half hour into the movie

I’m the cabana boy staff t-shirt

I'm the cabana boy staff t-shirt 3

A must see. This was already a movie…. I can’t wait to see this!. Seth Rogen is a jerk and Rolling Stone has no credibility.. Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin, Kate Winslet, Michael Fasbender. How can’t you say it perfect?. Cinematographer getting no love from Rolling Stone. Smh. A must see for sure. He is loser. Because he died too much earlier. I will live longer than him. Thank you.. “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. I made a one hit wonder ivention that grossed the most in investments over any technological advancement in history.”. What is the hype a gay man and also a horrible father who denied his child. People are crazy for idolizing jackass. A bullshit magazine writing about a bullshit thief hipster. No surprises there. Steve Jobs was a horrible human being. He took credit for work he didn’t do, cut his friends out of company stock to line his own pockets, exploited workers to the point of suicide, whined and moaned about how he was abandoned, and then abandoned his o… See more I’m the cabana boy staff t-shirt

I’m the cabana boy staff t-shirt

I'm the cabana boy staff t-shirt 2I'm the cabana boy staff t-shirt 1

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