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A man who’s talent is unbeatable he poured love into every performance and was cheated out of a child hood so he tried to relive it as a adult . Sad to lose him so young … Rest in peace…. Black OR white, he was an amazing entertainer.. Sohini Chakraborty. His name shall be passed down to generations and if it tries to cease then I bring it back because he’s my role model,the man I want to be and my greatest inspiration…… Shannon Alice D. Rocha. Kathleen Mcmanus Johnson. No one like him and never will be. Glad to born to see this wonderful man and all around performer. Once in a lifetime . Eve Megan McGuire. Beverly Alvarado. Ирина Зеленская I’ll Be Back Trump 2024 Mug There are emotions that are difficult to describe in words, there is a talent to which many other talents bow their heads, there are wonderful performers, but there is the best of the best, the only one in the whole world.He is a genius of music and da… See More Play GIF

I’ll Be Back Trump 2024 Mug

I'll be back Trump 2024 sunglasses mug 11oz

Raquel Vilela. King of pop for sure! I remember the day he passed all u heard coming from every house apt and vehicle was his amazing music! It was terribly tragic but hearing the music lifted us all up! God bless him! He is truly missed! Xoxrsphoebz . Michael Jackson always showed the world that he was and still is the best singer, songwriter and dancer in the world.. Nothing needs to say God bless him and all of us… Hard work is what successful people do and all respect. Teresa Jones I’ll Be Back Trump 2024 Mug yes he was all of that and then some baby he was amazing entertainer brought so many people together all over country . He really deserved those awards.For his undeniable talent being a real hard worker and great human being who put his feelings,heart and soul in everything not only related to the music,in helping others,too.. He was an extraordinary entertainer that happened to be black. It he were white or any other color, he still would have been extraordinary!

I’ll Be Back Trump 2024 Mug

I'll be back Trump 2024 sunglasses mug 15oz

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