I know I’m just a cat poster



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This is probably the dumbest question of the day, but what is 4K HD? How is it different from blu-ray?. Watched the 25th anniversary edition last night. Still as awesome as ever!!. Complete classic. I did not get in the water at the beach or any river an entire year & I lived in Puerto Rico when I watched Jaws.. I saw this at Pittsburgh Science Center in their cinema room. . Where are the copies? I’ve looked everywhere. I always watch this before scuba diving lol..and I live by the beach lol. This movie is currently playing in our town theatre.. Any of you jaws fans know that Quint got the sinking of the Indianapolis date wrong on his speech. He can’t stay down with 3 barrels on him, not with 3 he can’t.. Omg it’s my favorite movie of all times when it’s on I will watch it and I love the 2nd one and I like the 4th one too the 3rd one is ok but not the same with out the real actors. I know I’m just a cat poster

I know I’m just a cat poster

I know I'm just a cat poster A1

They made you watch the hole movie? Was it made out of swiss cheese?. Looks great on bluray. THE DIVER IN THE IRON CAGE,WAS WHAT MAKES ME ALMOST LOST MY BREATH. I’ll wait for the 50th! . I was fishing today and a Gar took mk my hook bobber and weight. I could see the bobber going under and resurfacing in other parts of the pond. It so reminded me of this movie. Uh …. my dog’s name is Quint if that says anything :)))). And when people ask “is that after Tarantino?” I just cringe! Just this morning I walked by a guy inspecting a house and he said nice dog ! I told him his name is Quint and the first thing… See More. I went to see this movie when I was twelve and I remember being scared sh**less walking home from the movie terrorized me. I know I’m just a cat poster

I know I’m just a cat poster

I know I'm just a cat poster A2I know I'm just a cat poster A3

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