Are you guys able to donate platelets? You could do a public service announcement to encourage others to donate. The antibodies in a blood donation have proven to help those who aren’t kicking the virus on their own. Be one of the helpers because you c… See more. How are the accommodations at Gitmo? No pizza!!??? Awww…never again!!!. Yes, voting is so important no matter which side you support! Glad to see you spreading the word for democracy! Love it!. You NEED TO VOTE I hate golf nice shot I love golf hat this year if u haven’t in the past or this situation WILL NOT be only thing like this .. I’m so disappointed in who you turned out to be! I had such a different perspective of you and these past years you’ve ruined it. I pray you come to your senses. It’s so sad you’ve become one of THEM.. Were not a Democracy, we are a Republic.

I hate golf nice shot I love golf hat

I hate golf nice shot I love golf hat

He recognized a winner when he saw you. May he rest in peace.. So very sorry for your loss, may he Rest In Peace and shine down on you and his loved ones from heaven. . Blessing to all that loved and admired him. He had great time sight to have chosen you in your roll, look how far your have grown. Your kindness is as big a star as you have become. Sorry for your loss. Bosom Buddies was a show I grew up watching and to this day hasn’t changed. So sorry for your loss, so glad to hear you and Rita are doing well!. Tom Miller saw great talent in Tom Hanks from the beginning and made a smart move in pairing you with Peter Scolari in Bosom Buddies.. Didn’t Peter Scolari teach you how to juggle? You made a good team on your Bosom Buddies show. I’m sure Tom Miller saw what so many have seen in you, an amazing talent. I hate golf nice shot I love golf hat

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I hate golf nice shot I love golf hat 1

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