Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster


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Amazing story I was in that same area in 1968 watching this brought back memories.Thank you for your service from one veteran to another 1967 68. Powerful video. For those who never returned. Yes I was wounded in Viet Nam, Medivac to a hospital, shipped to Valley Forge Hospital in Pa and spent 10 months in an attempt to save my life and my vision.. Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster. Wow. Thank you Rocky and all of our vets and our fallen.. Thank you Rocky! You are not just an American hero, but a hero to so many Vietnamese who you also fought for! . MUST WATCH! Seen it on Saturday well done.. Born in ’89, Rocky Bleier will always be my favorite player, 1/2 the reason I’m a Steelers fan is because this man.. There was a movie that his character was portrayed.. A real hero is rocky not the player that won’t stand for the national anthem

Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster A1

Met him a few years back. Had a 25 minute conversation with him. Awesome man he was. A very powerful story. Thanks you for sharing it and thank you Rocky for your service to your country.. Wasted conflict oh excuse me . war. Thank you Washington!!!!!!!!!!!. War is good for nothing! Rocky is one of America’s Heroes!. Thank you for all who have ever served! God bless! Rock is a brave and remarkable man and soldier!. Exactly what I thought of Vietnam, pointless. He said it himself… for what?. Unreal. Extremely powerful!. Leo Garcia. Thank you for this!! Rocky Bleier’s tears 5 decades later moved me today The sacrifice, bravery and courage of our soldiers in the face of fear, misery, trauma and even death is profound. A gift we will never be able to repay. Thank you sir, my father was a USMC and you were the reason why he and then I became Steeler fans…thank you for your service and thank you for the man that you are and inspiring so many people (JMay)

Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster A2

Pedro Contreras Jr.. What an amazingly powerful tribute to all veterans who gave their lives for our freedom. You are a true hero Rocky!. This brings up so many emotions. 6 family/extended family members served/were drafted in this war (including my father). None of them came back the same. Mental, physical and emotional baggage have slowly eroded away who they were.. Jeffrey Risdon
Those memories of what happened in his mind . Good stuff, the ones who’s served in WW2 and Vietnam are the greatest generations ever, and we owe everything to… Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster.
Veterans Day isn’t just one day, for some it’s everyday.. One of my all time favorites. He was instrumental and huge part of the Steelers success and image. Such a senseless war that was so messed up in so many ways. Such tragedy.. That really hit me in the feels. I was a child when Vietnam was going on, but I served in the Army from 86 to 92. I make sure to say “Welcome Home” whenever I meet a Vietnam Vet. That’s all they want. To be welcomed home. God bless them, and their comr… See More

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Heartbreaking and to think Americans spit on the soldiers when they returned home. No parades nothing. Shameful. Thank all the Vietnam war veterans and all who are defending us today.. My dad served in the Army for 22 years including 2 years in the Mekong Delta and came back uninjured (thank the patron saint of soldiers, Michael) – except for the effects of Agent Orange that silently and completely covered him and his fellow soldiers… See More. My Rocky memory: I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and remember the teams of the’70s well. Between the two of them Franco was my favorite. Years ago, the players used to show up at local shoe stores and sign autographs. Rocky was one of them. I waited i… See More. Thank you for this tribute!!. A steeler legend and soldier thank you for everything you where a true American hero. Thank you mr.bleier.for your sacrifice took a lot of courage. To go back and honor the fallen.your brothers.may our father comfort you.and all of our military.

Bryan Hildebrandt Horse be strong be brave be humble be badass poster.
Ive spent 20 years active duty in the Marines and this right here is a very small portion of a massive impact families make watching they’re loved ones leave and never know if they’ll return. Coming home is one of the most indescribable feelings to exp… See More. The little girl was like “wait, why we walking away from Mommy?!” Ugh these get me in my feels every time! Love a good homecoming video!!. Watching this video is very touching, seeing the emotions of family members as their loved ones are reunited. Happy Veterans Day, God bless all who have served are serving and will serve in the future, True Heroes!!!!. Nathan Harris. Parents sacrifice so much for their babies. Here I am crying because my baby is spending the night with her grandparents. Mad props to those who serve for our country. What I noticed when her Daughter ran to her, the respect in the stands. Everyone standing and clapping. Every service member deserves that respect. Thank you to the lady military member and her family.

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