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Nice choice! The people deserve to see and hear some quality entertainment while the Steelers are in the locker room, taking a breather and preparing to put the game away! Heaven for fans, Seven for Pittsburgh! Play GIF. This should be really good, this guy is amazing. Chris Faust. Bill Berk. With acdc’s new album bout to come out and be a banger and save 2020 I would of had them play!. I’m not a huge fan of the weeknd…… Hippie girl you are strong enough poster. James Buracker Lots of people acting like they don’t know who this man is Pause GIF. Steve Voorhees Can anyone complaining honestly tell me that they sit and watch the halftime show? Really??. Been to one of his concerts before…I can’t WAIT! I’m so here for this . Rebecca Black should be the opening act…. think about it… thank you. The trilogy album from The Weeknd is reason enough to give him the halftime show but I doubt he will play any of those songs. Not acceptable for a super bowl audience. But I hey I love The Weeknd so I’ll tune in whatever set list he brings.

Hippie girl you are strong enough poster

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That damn tiktok video early on in the pandemic is the reason he’s being picked for the SB halftime show. I wish they would’ve picked Fleetwood Mac and they invite the dude who made his video with their music. I can’t even think if they’ve ever been th… See More. Cameron Canady Nice selection NFL! I like The Weeknd! Could’ve been worse like any country music singer ever. Well except Dolly! Play GIF. With all the recent picks this one is actually an upgrade. Not great, but better.. Will that be a virtual concert? Asking for a friend…. WOW… picking someone that a majority of the viewing audience won’t know… who has lyrics and videos which are not family-friendly… once again – the NFL is showing us what it looks like when going “woke” goes wrong… they are trying too hard.. Here comes all the 40 and up crowd crying about how how they don’t know who this is and how it should’ve been Metallica, ACDC, and Nickelback instead of The Weeknd.

Hippie girl you are strong enough poster

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Came here to read the best puns about The Weeknd having to work on a Sunday. Very disappointed.. All the artist that’ve played in recent years have been trash. I still remember when Metallica got shafted and they did their own concert. Hippie girl you are strong enough poster. But I listened to a few songs and he has a really cool 80’s pop vibe, even if that wasn’t your thing 30-40 years … See More. 8-9 years ago I would’ve never believed he would be playing SB. The past 3 years I was wondering why they haven’t got him to do it yet. One of the best artists over the last decade imo. Chris Taylor. Why not Brock Lesnar vs Jon Bones Jones in the Octagon during halftime! Or a UFC Superfight??? These halftime music acts never draw!. Brent Berg. This is actually good. Weekend has some great music. Don’t bash people for not knowing who he is though.

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Scott Rue. Add me to the “who the hell is that” group.. here comes all the old people complaining about why can’t we get a band or someone else for the show.. like just turn it off when they come on . Gonna be the best half time performance ever. If u been to one of his concerts than u know it’s gonna be lit . Not going to argue but Foo Fighters do need to he on the radar for future HT Shows. Seems appropriate, someone named after 2/7th of the week will be playing to 2/7th of capacity of the stadium.. Cory Leizear. Well at least he has some great music and good voice for sure.. I think this makes me officially old as I have never heard of The Weeknd. Anyone know what happened to the missing “e” in his last name? Just curious.. How bout some classic rock? Hippie girl you are strong enough poster. 

“The Weeknd is garbage”? I know it’s a opinion but sure is ranked higher than most artist and they can’t please anyone so y’all getting mad about this is just a waste of your time and breath just so we can here you say halftime show sucks because you d… See More. Sy Boari. He is a great choice for a time like this. We need someone that has that 80s and 90s vibe and make us feel a sense on normal at a time like this. He is an awesome performer too so there will probably be some kind of theme that will keep all audiences a… See More. Good luck playing to noone
We all know acts pay to play the Superbowl. I honestly have never heard of this guy.. I heard The Weekend only performs on Saturdays and Sundays. If the superbowl were on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday then there’s no way he would’ve done it.

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