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You think Trump is bad now? Just wait till February, when Biden starts cleaning house. Let the Firing begin.. Dude is doing what he is great at. Firing ppl.. Only a baby does stuff like this. He knows he lost the election so he’s going to try and do what Hitler did at the end of WWII as the Allies were coming for him: burn it all down. Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster. How people can support him and simultaneously claim to be patriots is lu… See More. Of course, the corrupt ones had to go. That’s bad news for their minions, right?. Just as Putin ordered. And the Republicans who pretend to be so patriotic and pro military are once again silent and COMPLICIT. You don’t see the writing the wall?. He never care in the first place. He’s perfectly entitled to do it and he probably had a very good reason.. And the Worst…is yet to come

Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster

Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster A1

He treats The presidency like his tv show both failed. They should refuse to step down like he does.. Time to realise the biggest threat to the USA and therefore world peace is Donald trump. Never too late. Biden can hire those who are able to come back. Problem solved. Biggest issue is what to do between now and later?. Why now after loosing? Something dirty is going one! I can’t believe that no one can stop him!. He’s been fired by by the majority of Americans already. No worries he can go ahead and fire whoever…. Many people deserve to be fire. They will get Covid 19. Trump is literally planning a coup. Installing his loyalists into the Pentagon and Military so they will support him in his refusal to accept the election results and will of the people.. 60 more days of DT spitting his dummy out of the pram… …he’s only just getting warmed up, unfortunately I’d hazard we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster

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Why are these news stations wanting Mr. Trump to concede before the official state announcement? Why are they trying to accelerate the natural process? We all know that when a crook wants to get their way they rush you so that you don’t have time to think straight. I wander if this is their intention. . Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster. Why would he concede??? You guys are crazy. He won the election and democrats tried to steal it. Thankfully they won’t be allowed to get away with it. See ya in court!
TRUMP 2020. We’re not confused Trump’s the crazy person in this equation. Trump wants to be worse than Corona.. It’s because trump trying over throw Democracy!!. This article is a farce the Democrats, never conceded that Trump won. Trump We hope you go total scorched earth on these ah. Trump please can you humbly accept the defeat, and handover the office on January with respect..

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Good to know that whatever you havent been able to do in life you’ll put in all in your kids Kamala.!
However, remember to always teach and put all good things as a role model with faith, moral, dignity, compassion and loyalty to your residing country to make it great again because cheat and fraudulent your kids will copy and thats ugly.!
Your behaviour today is your kids tomorrow.!!. Absolutely nothing. She is not my Vice President nor will she be my president when the dummycrats turn on Biden and find him unfit to lead this country and put her in that seat.. Joe has dementia and is very confused about the next day.. The joy and goodness of this incredibly gorgeous woman is SO OBVIOUS!!!. Kamala Harris is The Vice President Of The US January 20, 2021.. It is possible! I hope to see a woman of ANY color as president in the near future!

Freedom as we know it is gone.. A lot of bitter Trumpkins this morning, I see.. Look at CA, you should already have some ideas, lol. You don’t have to like her, but you do have to deal with her.. Not my President or VP! Welcome to socialism and higher taxes, higher gas prices, lock downs. Don’t say you weren’t warned!. Hippie girl glasses stay wild gypsy child poster. A smart woman in a high place. . Politicians are supposed to work for the American people people like Joe Biden Harris they’re too power hungry the American people will come last with these two. All you have to do is step on poor minorities to elevate yourself up the political ladder just like she has.
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Tenor. Why all these negative comments just because people can now look forward for higher aspirations.. Nothing. They wanted this win so bad, show and prove. And she best not skip a beat

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