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Steve Jobs was a major dick and that’s the truth !. Steve Jobs was not a nice man. I think that means something. Y does it have to be R…I wouks love to have my kids see this, but. Excellent, Entertaining and Moving Movie. God only son perish everlasting life t-shirt It really doesn’t matter whether the guy it’s about was good or bad, it’s about what he did, if you believe the technology he brought to us helps or hurts mankind, it’s really not about that either. … See more. Steve Jobs was basically an asshole!. CRAP. So little resemblance to what really happened and who he really was. Don’t spend your money, but if you do, know that it’s a cinematic connection.. Crap movie. Jobs never gave back…. Was all about him and his ego. Cold and indifferent like a computer.. Well, the hype over it is remarkable, at least.. Does Steve Jobs matter to people who can’t afford his wack ass products which is most of the world #fstevejobsmovie

God only son perish everlasting life t-shirt

God only son perish everlasting life tank

Ben JenningsAll the hate toward a person they’ve never met. That’s the Internet for ya. Troll away.5 . Nana CollinsHe doesn’t look anything like Steve Jobs. . G Ricky AndersonLet me guess they are going to release it next year with the title Steve jobs 6s . Jaime FailingSteve Jobs wasn’t this hot.3 . Alex GuirolaSteve Wozniak was the real brain, Jobs was only the salesman.1 . Tony HinojosaSaw it. Well done. Like a 3 act play. Fassbender has lots of charisma like Jobs. Shows Jobs as a driven, maniacal jerk. . Bill LongRolling Stone sucks. If they like it, I prolly won’t.3 . Cory Love SparkuhlWill people please stop saying the same thing over and over again about how many Steve Jobs movies there have been. The last one with Ashton Kutcher was low budget and was pretty much made for TV. This one is the real deal with legit filmmakers and wri… See more5  God only son perish everlasting life t-shirt

God only son perish everlasting life t-shirt

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