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First time I saw Tom Hanks and said “this guy is going to be around for a long long time!” Thank you Tom Miller for seeing it too. Rest In Peace & God Bless ALL! . Great show. Great chemistry. Tom was a genius. Attended many tapings with Wendy. You were one of the kindest and most talented actors in the industry.. Tommy was my 2nd cousin. I grew up hearing so many amazing stories about him. So glad his life helped bring smiles to so many faces. I know our whole family was so proud of him. Thank you so much for acknowledging his impact on your life. I know you we… See more. Loved Bosom Buddies!! When I saw “Nothing In Common” in the theater, I said to my date “Tom Hanks is going to be the Jimmy Stewart of our generation.” I was so right!. Bosom Buddies helped get me through a 9 day hospital stay, even though it hurt to laugh. Very sorry for your loss! Go smudge yourself car sticker

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Tick tock. Your time is up. Time for sins committed to be brought into the light. #Crimesagainstchildren. We beat the week end self isolation spending some quality time with a great guy, tom hanks and watched all the toy story movies. Awsome time had by all in our house.. The virus isn’t frightening me much anymore. Go smudge yourself car sticker It’s a special App that is built into the operating system. An OS update will be available soon. How can we be assured the data isn’t uploaded without permission? How can we uninstall this feature?… See more ARSTECHNICA.COM 2 billion phones cannot use Google and Apple contact-tracing tech. Raise your hand if you read that in his voice in your head. You can’t vote after you’ve died.. What a let down. An actor I once enjoyed watching has just become a chump that has lessened the value of everything he has ever done. Sad.. We are staying in and showing the kids The Money Pit. They love it! We will be voting and encouraging everyone we know to vote to! Stay safe!

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