Give me your hand Jesus canvas


Heidi Mayhew HellstromThis has been one of the most enjoyable podcasts. Thank you both so much for being so open, sincere, and lovely. 16 . Mike EvartsThis is a great combination. President Obama and Bruce Springsteen. What an interesting duo. 25 . Susan ColtellaroThank you for continuing to spread kindness. 26 . Brian BrightMakes me want to burn every album and cd I have with his name on it…46 . James M. Flomo-KellenI admire the whole Obama family. You’re God’s blessing to this world. I’m a Liberian currently residing in Monrovia, Liberia.64 . Bassimah Al-AyoubiThis nation misses your leadership more than ever..20 . Nicholas WaitituThe whole world admires you Mr. President. Thank for your Wisdom, Leadership and Humanity.20 . Susan WoolseyI really hope you and Bruce decide to do more. You have great banter and great insight from very different up bringings. Great job!9 . Kathleen Sullivan CampbellI have enjoyed your conversations. A little sad to see them over. 18  Give me your hand Jesus canvas

Give me your hand Jesus canvas

Give me your hand Jesus poster A1

Jay HassounaYou are hope President Obama. You are light. Thank you for being that for so many skinny kids with funny names and countless others 15 . Martin MatthiesenI am almost always listening to a podcast when I’m going for a walk, which is often these days. So I was glad to begin listening to this one today. Thanks from Denmark.14 . Ruta MuhlbergerI was enjoying it until you said “we are the only nation where people have come from all over the world and all walks of life, yadda yadda” Barack! Look north!10 . Maureen Norton SzostakI hope you’ll both be back! Enjoy your reflections on life and your humor! 10 . Lisa Mantarro Moorethis is one of the best podcasts series I have ever heard, thank you both!14 . Wesley BennettIt wont take you, biden is proof, i think it was you who started this country division, and the nuclear family, Trump almost had it going but your buddys in china tryed killing everyone, and biden that deteriorating fool cant keep a press conference, b… See more16  Give me your hand Jesus canvas

Give me your hand Jesus canvas

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