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Finally something decent came out of this POS year…funny it was 20 under in 2020…likely the only Masters to ever be played in November. No pressure of the crowd with the lowest score in history. Great performance nonetheless. Fitness you don’t stop lifing when you get old poster. I mean Tiger’s face looks absolutely wild.. Kristina Fuoco Caponi. He played amazingly. Question, will this victory and record setting performance have an asterisk by it due to not being performed in front of masses of spectators? It definitely would releive the pressure of the past years. Just curious not trying to … See More. Tiger reminds everyone he’s biracial.. John Hackler. “Absolutely” . DJ is one of the most likable guys on the tour too. Glad to see him get another major under his belt.. Can you imagine winning the masters and then going home with Gretzky’s daughter? Me either.. It is funny when after 4 days a golfer looks like a bad Earl shives paint Job Pause GIF

Fitness you don’t stop lifing when you get old poster

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CJ Edwards. kyrie and harden in the same team will be a circus to behold. Lewis Hunter. Ryan Curran. Oscar Armando Mejia. What harden doesn’t understand is when he played with Westbrook he was a sixth man, when he played with Durant he was a sixth man. Now he’s a blown up superstar. Wanna succeed with these guys go back to the original mindset. Fitness you don’t stop lifing when you get old poster. Their games wouldn’t fit together. If Harden wanted to kill Chris Paul by the end of their run, just wait until Harden gets a hold of Kyrie’s leadership.. Great individual players. Not a great fit together.. Harden and Irving on same team, Brooklyn circus, get your tickets. Hell no we don’t need him.. we need all around ball players.. and a Supporting cast around KD and Irving… These guys need to get off this “Super Team” mentality and get back to being a competitive league where everyone has an opportunity to win their divisions or a championship. It has become so selfish and is ruining the league. The money thrown at these … See More

Fitness you don’t stop lifing when you get old poster

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Tiger smiled for the cameras, but deep down, you know he’s PISSED that Dustin broke his records.. Korey Karwan. The course was playing easy but it was playing easy for everyone. Hats off to DJ!. Thank God we were able to have a masters this year it wouldn’t been the same without it. The things he’s gonna do to Paulina in that jacket. God bless.. I did not watch Dustin Johnson today. But throughout the years he’s gained a lot of experience an he is the MVP! Congratulations . Imagine if Tiger said it was a hoax and he was still champ….. Michael Robert Lafferty. Different course this time of year. Course allowed them to be aggressive at the pins where has normally the greens are way to fast to be that aggressive. tiger is losing his spray paint….. Gonna need tiger to either stop wearing a hat….or start wearing sunscreen.

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Man what if this happens and then Russel Westbrook comes too? Can you imagine how many championships a team with KD Harden and Russ would win?. Ehhhh sounds good on paper. But there’s only one ball and Harden has already shown A how well he plays with other stars and B how he plays with a true point guard. He didn’t fare well with Westbrook and Kyrie is pretty much the same player in the grand… See More. If James harden goes to Brooklyn then they can kiss their chances of winning goodbye. Harden and kyrie both don’t play defense very well and both are ball dominant guards. Then add KD to that mix. This would be a disaster.. For people saying they wouldn’t work are crazy Kyrie has played with bron so he knows how to share KD has played with steph so he knows how to share and harden wants a ring so he will adjust this will be and better big 3 then KD and the warriors this w… See More Fitness you don’t stop lifing when you get old poster. 

I believe that’s Mr. Gilmore’s. Justin Michael. His left arm is a little longer than his right.. Tiger looked hurt in this video. I know he wanted this win.. Ricky Marin. I was surprised they didn’t let Tiger speak. He did look stiff physically and mentally. Not taking away from Dustin, just thought they could have been inclusive with all of them.. Just remember that Dustin Johnon’s right arm is just a little bit longer than his left.. Tiger needs let the hair go!. LJ Brandel. I was hoping Tiger Woods would have won it but this week belonged to Dustin. Tiger has Roger Staubach hair.. Yes, for many years to come, you all will be treated to the sight of Johnson lining up putts by staring through his brother’s crotch.. TIGER 2021. Dustin stole Tiger’s jacket!!!. Nobody is wearing a mask …..good for them. “We’re gonna need a bigger jacket!” Must’ve had one ready for him. Congrats DJ!

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