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Happy second birthday tun, an album of healing and moving on, most iconic album ever made. . two years already! oh how fast the time flies but still a masterpiece . yes, happy bday to the best album ever. I LOVE YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL. HAPPY 2 YEARS THANK YOU NEXT. ARI HOW ARE YOU?. I had just watched your “excuse me, I love you” tour on Netflix. And I was blown away by you. You just gained a brand new fan. Ofcourse I’ve heard some of your songs on the radio, but I never took the time to really listen to your music. Well, … I do… See More. Yeah Happy second birthday!By the way Ari,Thanks for the subtle shout out.Just letting you know I caught it.Thank you next is one of your finest.. it still feels like yesterday way i be jamming to that album. That is the best album ever and I love you so much Ariana Fishing hook american flag legging

Fishing hook american flag legging

Fishing hook american flag legging 2

Happy February den mareng ariana, btw sino single dyan? . CAN U PLEASE RELEASE THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “POV” SOONEST?!?!?!?! WE ARE READY HUHU.. Mmmm New wap songs ?. This album was my favourite album of last year, played it everyday. so a deluxe with new songs is a gift from heaven!! Thinking one of the new songs will probably be the next single but if not “My Hair”, “Just Like Magic” “POV” all deserve the single t… See More. Sarah Boulbadaoui Fishing hook american flag legging DELUXE album!!!! And there’s a 4 whole songs !!!!!!! naaaaah shiiii-‘t it’s crazy. SAD STORY -A 16 years old girl married a 80 years old man. After honeymoon, the girl died because of eating expired hatdogg. … See More. If you are seeing this msg. Please help us. Please help Myanmar We need your help. The military has detained our elected democratic government, party leaders, and political activists in Myanmar. National television channels and phone services are cut o… See More

Fishing hook american flag legging

Fishing hook american flag legging 1

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