Emergency dad jokes mug


This is an incredible song Billie, love the song so much. Your beautiful voice always touch my heart . Lots to digest here and admittedly it made me feel sad. BUT you are the voice for a new generation who is fortunate to have you and your art raising consciousness and awareness of the harm done when power is abused. They are listening to you. I listen … See more. Soo lovely and peacefull to hear billie’s songs . Her voice is full of sadness , inspiration and calming . She is soo elegent and extraordinary.. your voice is the cure for everything .big love. Sometimes you manufacture scenarios in your mind that invades your now. When you catch yourself doing that, stop and say “this unpleasant thought is unnecessary” .. Then chose one that feels better . You’re my favorite singer, and I’m excited to hear this album.. ” i thought that I was special , you make me feel like it was my fault you’re the evil Emergency dad jokes mug

Emergency dad jokes mug

Emergency dad jokes mug 2

Your voice is so sweet, this is one of the best your songs . People find Billie Eilish weird but they dont find themselves toxic. Everything she made with her brother Finneas are all out of their dream and hardwork. I really like how unique their music are. Its a little out of normal but it is indeed beautiful. … See more. I love this song and video! I looked all over for your new CD when I was in Reno. I will keep looking. So good!. Obviously the anaconda was well fed before the shoot, but still, Billie is pretty brave because you never know! And so, she continues to have something freaky in a vid. It has a metaphoric purpose, however: The snake represents an unscrupulous man vict… See more. This is the best song ever! We loved it so much. Beautiful land Our Land that we all are destroying. Including our wildlife and trees…they are all meant for a purpose. Emergency dad jokes mug

Emergency dad jokes mug

Emergency dad jokes mug 1

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