Poster easily distracted by music and white wine


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i ve been to Andorra, in Pas de la Casa. lovely place. it was so much fun. i loved my holidays there. i hope they grow and become a respectable league and have a respectable national team. Liechtenstein cannot afford a kit for their national football team? Really?…. Hello, I am from Morocco, Play soccer as if it were a part of me. I want to go to a European club to join it and fulfill my dream of becoming the best player in history. I want to break all the numbers and all the barriers. Is there anyone who helps m… See More. Is Belarus small country? . Faroe Islands is my favourite kit.. Gibraltar ? It’s a great country . All of them. wow. wow. nice. Estern Europe must form its Estern European Football League, the west between them! and not to buy their TVs. good. our heavenly father I love you so much amen REVERBNATION.COM kuka-fresh | Hip Hop from Lusaka, ZM

Easily distracted by music and white wine poster

Easily distracted by music and white wine poster A1

What a legend, what a player , what an African pride , and now a peace model..all hail DD are my football pride forever.. The best goal of your career: equalizer, Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, 2012 UCL final. You’re one of the greatest to ever play football!. My Great respect for you Didier Drogba has a player and also has a person. I’m Haitian and always proud of my African people.. The great vibrant striker i have seeing ever in the WORLD DD My former best striker at At STAFFORD BRIDGE the blues for life.. Congratulations D Drogba Africa is proud of you. The best chelsea’s striker ever. Thank you for the memories and the happy moments. Chelsea for ever Didi for ever. ‘Use football to make peace’…so proud of you legend. Very nice speach bro. You disave it, great player didier Drogba.. Drogba is a great football & Sports legend indeed ! You celebrated scoring goals uniquely & like no other ! Congrats DD !

Easily distracted by music and white wine poster

Easily distracted by music and white wine poster A2

U made me fall in love with Chelsea as a club. Am a full fun Chelsea because of you drogba. He’s humble Mister Drogba.. So inspiring words. Great Drogba!. Great bit of conversation Didier Drogba I feel this interview of yours may be published by UNO.. This man make me to love football and Chelsea. I love you very much my football daddy.. Legend Drogba ur legacy will remain for many years may God bless u Didi. You been one of my happiness according to sports in my life. Hope you become a future Chelsea coach. The best Didier Drogba!. Congratulations Didier,your response to every question was superb … Am proud of you Didier Drogba..You are our blues legend forever. Legend on & off the field. Love u Didier. Congratulations Didia Drogba.. Legend Didier Drogba in Chelsea. My all time favourite Chelsea player. DD11 . You deserve it big Blue

Easily distracted by music and white wine poster A3

Did he win the ivorian FA seat.see him talk hes got dept understanding of football.hes got all the links and love the ivorian football society needs.. What a legend,what a peace maker.Well done didier Drogba.. Congratulations to our Blu legend its because of you I joined the Blues. To me I remember him being much darker. Mmm. Now is looking gentleman not with his hair like mad man. So proud to know Didier.
Pride of Africa.. You where the best footballer, Chelsea are still searching for your replacement till now and I hope will find another DD the legend. Congratulations you earned all .. You will never depart from my heart! Even to my grandchildren, I will convey the message to them about the model of player you was,and how blessed I am in my time to have seen you grace the pitch and played the object. . I was never a Chelsea supporter I was a Drogba supporter the day he left I left too. True legend much love.

What a player he was, I’m an arsenal fan but that night in Munich, he was another level.. Drogba is an example of Africa’s pride. Puncherello Chama, these are the awards For bene Drogba and others. Not “African player of the year” . Legend. We are proud of you Didier. One of my all time favourite players, . The only man who made Chelsea.. Chelsea. Sincerly i ‘m proud of you my favorite player forever, that god keeps you healfy to acheive your projets .. Congratulations . We will play in Africa as a team and we will be proud of you as an African.. Many congratulations! Hard work, commitment matters, your great message.. my favorite all time player. You make me love Chelsea more. Thanks. One of my fevourites player and chelsea won the champions league depends on didier.. African all time score for EPL and a legend for Chelsea

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