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I wonder if Nole has gotten past the US Open default. I know he reached the French final but once he got there, no contest. And this…real head scratcher. Just read he lost someone close to him this morning. Tough to play tennis when you’re not mentally focused. . Sue Jones. Just a starry play from Sonego who held his head and nerves throughout the match – accolades! – and a spiritless response of Novak, whom I have supported heartily, but he fully deserved this loss.. At first I wanted to say this game is fixed but rewatchin it, It’s purely not. Nole has all sorts of records to protect. It’s just a bad day at the office plus Sonego played like like he has got nothing to lose. Thiem and Nole lost today to remind us t… See More. How did that happen? Was there no way he could pretend to be injured to disrupt the game? Not like him. Losing your touch Nole

Dragon your butt napkins my lady poster

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Ali Ahmed. The top athletes would turn that sadness into positive energy, Michael Jordan lost his dad and battled all the way to the championship, Pete Sampras was sobbing when playing against Courier for his late coach for battling cancer and he won at the end. … See More. Dianne James Wilkens. Top 4 seeds. Thing is with Djokovic of that he does not have class. His arrogance. All in his mind is to surpass Federer and Nadal. His hunger is never fulfilled. And he does not realize that even if he does get all the Slams and weeks records. Still people will me… See More. Rather being happy for Lorenzo’s win I am more happy that Djokovic lost…. a bit of a disgrace what was going on today on the court today… feel sorry for the people who bought tickets to see the world no. 1, not the way to boost your popularity

Dragon your butt napkins my lady poster

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The fixation the ATP has with this overrated player is insane. Every week they post news, pics, interviews, whatever he does. I mean, come on, do you really need that much attention or to promote this guy? His agent is paying for publicity? There are b… See More. Steluta Zaharia. So talented & a fave player. Missing from the highlight reel is the time Grigor jumped the net to check on Kyle Edmund at the Brisbane International a couple of years ago – such a gentleman & just awesome.. This guy is oozing with talent, how has he not won a Slam ? I think Grigor felt the weight of that ‘Baby Fed’ tag the media put on him earlier in his career and that pressure just ruined him. And despite having an insane shot making ability, he is ment… See More. He’s got so much talent. Just a shame he misses that consistency. Otherwise I believe that he would have won slams already. Sometimes I just have the idea that he isn’t always motivated enough to work as hard as he need to during practice periods. Ofco… See More

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Can’t find a pic, but I went as a ball hog one year. Wore a piggy nose and ears, pink skirt, and a pink shirt with MINE! GOT IT! all over it.. Onyedimma Mailman Nwachuku. Sorry, no Halloween in 90% of the globe almost!. Halloween is demonic. Alyson Murphy
There’s Halloween in one Gif
Play GIF. I’m getting dressed up as a swingball.. I’m going as blue clay because everyone hates me. We don’t do Halloween,. Do not part take in Halloween.. Just keep pulling and stretching your underwear. You’re rafa!. That would be fun to be featured for holloween. I will dress up as Nadal having 2 golden masters. Im going as Rafa Nadal on roland garros. What for?? We are adult people not kids…. Paula Pingkan. Pascal Bernard-Paquin. undefined. Declan Shugg Addams Family Novak?. I was able to live vicariously thru my friend’s daughter when she wanted to be a zombie tennis player a few years ago. The most fun Halloween make-up I’ve ever done!

An excellent and terribly talented player. He could do better in terms of results and titles.. It’s hard to imagine how someone so very talented feels going against the even more talented Big Three. Born too soon or too late. Seems to be a classy guy.. He is such a under rated player but he is brilliant !!. Great skills, fantastic capacities and ressources but unfortunately poor stability and continuity and lacking what is 80% of tennis: mental power.. GRIGOR is an AMAZING athlete!. As nice a dude off the court as he is an artist on it.. Bryan Elliott. When he’s good he’s so good, but consistency is a real problem! Would love to see him win some titles!. Right! How many tournaments has he won the last 2-3 years?. He has so much talent but he never pass to the next level (top level), and obviously he has the skills to do.

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