Dragon couple you and me we got this poster


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I think this is a by-product of society’s drastic shift from not talking about feelings, to now being encouraged to do so. Except, I think we’ve missed the healthy acknowledgment phase and went striaght to narcissism. We’ve become so engrossed in const… See More. Not so much anymore. I think it takes maturity & maybe a few of life’s knocks to realise that you’re not so important to have an effect on everybody you meet. 2nd agreement of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Unfortunately, some of us can’t just stop thinking like this. It is literally our neurodiverse condition that does it, and I have yet to find someone who wishes they could keep thinking that way. We hate it, but unfortunately just can’t stop it. . Wish my husband would read this, but he would take it personally.. I have matured with the passage of time.. my sense of self, balance and stability is well grounded and rock solid.. You see, I truly love the authentic and unique person God created me to be ..” I know myself in my living stillness” …and I have long… See More

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A1

Yeah they’re dangerous but it’s the moderate Democrats as well so there’s more hate in our country than we could even imagine it’s not just from the overt racist people but the underlying racist people they could even be a friend that you’ve had for 30… See More. If your arguments are based on race then you do not have a valid argument. Instead base them on the choices a person makes and the actions they take, regardless of their race. Good people make good decisions, sometimes hard, yes, but they are good deci… See More. TED talk has become radical left propaganda tool. Shame on you it used to be about science. undefined. There are whites who hate blacks, no doubt. There are blacks that hate whites. That will probably never change because hate is the problem. I would bet there are way more who don’t hate.. “All these people killed”?… who?… where?…… Do you mean the thousands of young blacks killed by other young blacks in the USA?

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A2

The statement may be true but our country seems to see it in reverse…as an example in the military people are punished for asking for help and it’s seen as weakness to admit that you need help.. Yes and no. I had a few friends who always asked for help. After many years of me helping them all the time, I felt like I was just being used so, I no longer associate with those people. Sometimes, often times, a person should really try to find ways … See More. Of course, it is not black and white, there is a balance. Some ask far too much, some ask far too little . In my experience, if you ask for help, you might get some, but people will eventually ridicule and belittle you for it. You will have a reputation attached to you and in work you will be passed over for any advancement, friends and family will avoid yo… See More

Dragon couple you and me we got this poster A3

Everyone should read The Four Agreements – it’s life-changing.. People always telling me I shouldn‘t care that much about ignorant people who are hurting feelings of others because it’s a problem within these troublemakers. But it’s not. It’s a problem in our society and we are heading into a dystopian society when… See More. “You probably think this song is about you?”. 99.9% of all humans. Perfect for lefties that take even satire and stand-up as personal attacks!. Love this ate, sharing this with youuu and read the comments section too hehehhe Aleessa Christine Fernandez- Garcia love you!! Lets take all the time we need. . I love Ted talks. Nice one!. Kavian Rhys such a good read for those who take everything personally . Don’t skip this election it’s far too important! VOTE IN PERSON OR DROP OFF YOUR BALLOT AT A DROP BOX LOCATION. Do NOT mail it in, it’s too late. If you live in these states: Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Caro… See More
I Will Vote

Most can’t handle criticism… The ego be strong… Let it die… You’ll be okay.. I do sometimes even though I don’t want to and logically know it isn’t about me. Because of this I limit engagement in conversations especially with those who I don’t know. This Covid situation is great because it automatically limits contact with peo… See More. There are those that think that when someone bullies you or is deliberately rude that they do so, because according to them, you’re an “easy target” – a loathsome term that implies victim blaming, and that it’s happening because on some spiritual level… See More. There is taking things personally and then there is being blatantly disrespected which others try to gaslight as taking it personally. I have grown to realize that how one is treated will be how they treat others if they don’t recognize it in themselv… See More

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