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You will never read this and there is a big chance you will never care, but a have a story to tell about how you changed my life. My mother died of cancer in 2003, I was 14 at the time, it was back in the day when MTV still played music. My mother love… See more. I’m on my second viewing of your Netflix special – excellent !!!! The fact that the entire family was involved gave me tears of happiness and chills. Willow and Jameson are priceless and you and Corey make parenting fun and loving . absolutely love this show ..and might I say what a wonderful person you are if we could all be so diligence and have such a big heart love you I and wish to see you perform one more time ..first saw you July 20 2002 Mansfield mass..with Lenny kravitz l… See more Cat snow cocaine everywhere 3D sweatshirt

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Cat snow cocaine everywhere 3D sweatshirt · Follow You’re such an inspiration . She’s Just Amazing Great Voice, Beautiful lyrics ,Music! Personally etc.. Her⚘. I love this song!!!! It us helping me rehab from joint replacement Tmj jaw surgeries. Thank you for your music since day 1.. I stopped this feed to just hear and lyrics as always amazing. There are times on smule i felt i did u proud but i went from mariah as a kid to you and u still stick. That was awesome and thank you for being you. Just watched your documentary… as well as being an awesome performer, you are a beautiful person . Will definitely add these to my golf mix for our tournament this weekend . Yep, the radio stations push certain songs and then folks make requests and the song becomes unbearable to hear. Have a great day.. Just picked this album up yesterday brilliant grew up with Queen you have done Freddie proud well done yes I’m a 53 year old fan great work love you

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