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I’m Happier than ever that we got tickets already! . Just copped my tickets this morning for me and my daughter. NYC here we come!!. See you in Ireland 2022 Bluey dad goals mug my daughter loves you , her brother letting her know we got her tickets 0:00 / 0:21. Thanks to your management for giving previous purchasers first dibs. It was unbelievably difficult to get those first tickets, then our daughter’s heart was broken when the tour was (rightfully) cancelled. I was able to get comparable seats pretty easi… See more. Australia, Asia and Africa just chilling on the moon:. I didn’t get given a code for past bookers presale today, had no idea you needed a code, no email, no advice, I thought perhaps my account on ticketmaster would show I’ve had tickets previously and allowed access, I was on at 9am, tried for 2 hours.. . Absolutely devastated wanted to take my daughter to her first concert as she’s a big fan too. The website kept kicking me out as I was updating card details now I have to tell her she can’t go.

Bluey dad goals mug

Bluey dad goals mug 2

So upset! You’re coming here to Austin for the ACL and I tried to purchase tickets and couldn’t. All sold out. Wanted to take my son to see you perform. It was gonna be a graduation gift.. I’m going to Belfast Uk.. for the first concert . Umm how can you call it a world tour when you aren’t visiting all continents even (just envious you arent coming down under). Got tickets for me and my girlfriend, London O2 Arena 11/6/2022.. I’m trying to get good seats in Boston but probably gonna be scraps and back corners for $350 like why ;(. Went to order tickets to surprise my daughter and they are already sold out . I’d hardly call that a world tour. New Zealand and Aussie Aren’t there. So Africa doesn’t count as part of the world? Hhm it’s fine Billie, it’s fine girl. Please put Cape Town on your tour list, Billie! Bluey dad goals mug

Bluey dad goals mug

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