Parker IndiaI want to do this so bad!!! Xx9 . Ashton ByrdChris…come on. Every one of these after pics have been photoshopped to hell and back. Some of them I’m not convinced are even the same person. I believe in your cause, but do better. Be real. 49 . Bere HerreraMm how much??2 . Nicole CristiniI would like to try this. But am unsure. Single mom of three teenagers…..5 . Debbie Mease-Rosenope nope nope, you don’t get those kind of results in 12 weeks, sorry4 . Cali JnsThor the god of fitness 6 . Asko Bat4 . Craig CooperDon’t really think you should be putting your name towards blag photos mate6 . Fung BourgaultBut when the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his glory:————————————————–“当人子在他荣耀里同着众天使降临的时候,要坐在他荣耀的宝座上。… See more . Sonny DiazLooks all fake person on the left picture looks like a different person to the right one lol.6  Black Panther Tropical Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

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Matt PowersTop right dude was already kind of fit lol9 . Jeanne WestDisappointed that you can tell their not the same people why lie . Brenda LarnerYou know what so beautiful about these people posting their selfies of what they look like then and what they look like now is it shows a lot of determination and that is really awesome!,, you guys are doing a great job…I PRAY THAT I TOO CAN AT AGE … See more . Heather BleauOk but how long were they doing this for? Only the bottom left tells and its kinda important to know.4 . Bessie SmithIn the first year of my 30 year Betterment Physically and Mentally qwest!! My promise to me to get stronger! . Rob ManvelyanI prefer the “Christian Bale Machienest” diet weight loss method. You can lose weight by just eating an apple and a can of tuna a day. You can lose so much weight fast6  Black Panther Tropical Hawaiian Aloha Shirt

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