Precious Ephraim IsraelTake we back into our arms we love, feel we, touch we once, there’s non we want more, we want of we like a wind, we shall be standing here still.Hold we so we can’t let go, let’s see all our want.1 . MaMpangazitha JoziCan you imagine how great it would’ve been if it wasn’t leaked. Jay owes Riri some serious money for this album. We were robbed because his wife was releasing an album too 1 . Angela ChiyukaWow growing up as a kid I have always admired your artistic nature. Heart you2 . J. Gray – Drunken Monk  · FollowI played the breaks off that album and still bump it1 . Martin MensahWe wish your next song will feature stonebwoi5 . Precious Ephraim Israel am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.… See more1  Best customer review shirt in May

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Abyonce MunjeSo when are releasing a new one1 . Kaelo MolefiYou’re amazing artist.. Queen and finally release a new album . Igor SilvaANTI was a great album but only peaked these marks because we fans don’t have nothing new to listen since it released. Please stop making fun of us. WE NEED NEW MUSIC!7 . Gabrielle SantiagoNew Album soon please!1 . Juliet JohnsonI just thought today how TIMELESS this album is while bumping to ‘Close to You.’2 . L Che  · FollowBorn in Compton LA raised in Argentina and Florida usa ….what it do gente, how y’all doing? It’s difficult to be an artist and promote yourself at the same time.I hope if you have a couple of minutes you can listen to my song I appreciate all good o… See more . Calvin GittensRR YOU NEED TO MAKE NEW MUSIC Father Time is cashing you down your getting old the music you made is fading sound old today in this day what are you doing with the music are you going to do it or not from iyril tafari jah live Rastafarian peace  Best customer review shirt in May

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