Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster


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The hard thing to do is enter that conversation prepared to accept that you maybe wrong. If you then model listening and comprising it’s amazing the effect this can have on the other person.. I’m tired of being the one to extend an open hand and an olive branch. I will stay to myself and avoid the pain.. I see this woman as courageous and her words as food for thought. I don’t care for the us and them mentality of late , seeing every issue and every person through a political lens . It feels like a toxic experience to read the profusion of negative com… See More. I tried this at the beginning of the last four years but to no avail. I have to work on my anger around the condition of our country before I do engage productively again. Watching the documentary The Social Dilemma has been helpful with seeing how we … See More

Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster

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The amount of maturity to be able to do this is so great, that it escapes the realms of understanding of most people out there.. I have no interest in people who hate me. Either they can give up their prejudices and work with me towards building a society, or they can shut up while the world moves on without them There is a difference between disagreeing on policy and seeking t… See More. I wish it were possible to have a calm, productive conversation with a Trump supporter. They get upset when you start providing proof that they are being mislead.. They always change the subject, attack the messenger, or give up and quit before the critical thinking kicks in. Maybe Paul Krugman is right… you can’t argue with zombies. Just have to outvote them.. I do this on a regular basis. Instead of asking what they believe, I ask why they believe it. That usually gives them an opportunity for self reflection. I explain in kind. Many people live under the impression they aren’t being heard.

Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster

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I just had coffee with a Trumper. I mistakenly assumed her grateful dead shirt and dreadlocks meant I could trash talk the trump rally down the street. We ended up talking for an hour. I think it’s rare to find someone who can be calm and communicative… See More. I live in Denmark and I can only tell you: she is an amazing woman.. If people were as brave as they are on social media we wouldn’t have this discussion.. I tried this about three weeks ago with an anti-vaxer and anti-mask wearer. Three weeks later I’m still upset by the whole experience and it has completely changed the way I look at that person. It’s really upset me. I have found that its just not possible to have a conversation with many of these people. They are just reacting to some perceived lable that have applied to you and merely regurgitate things they heard somewhere else. When you question where their ide… See More

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No that’s called emotional labor and most people aren’t worth it. I’ve done that
It hasn’t changed their minds. Find someone who disagrees that you are entitled to human rights and do the emotional labor to convince them of your humanity . I’d do it with someone with real arguments based on facts and science… it’s a waste of time otherwise. Based on my experiences on Facebook, that’s just about everybody though.
It’s tough having the superior moral position on every topic in a world of self-interest, denial, and ignorance…. I’d rather just post my art. It’s a bridge. It’s something people can have in common. I know some artists who are on the other end of the political spectrum from me. I get along with them because we both love art.. Someone sends you hate mail and you meet them in person? Why? This lady is putting herself at risk for no good reason. Surely there are plenty of other people who have reasonable opinions that differ to yours, that can be nice about it, that are worth … See More

Already always listening. People may think they are good at listening and hear what people are saying.
They listen, but didnt hear what was said because they already have their response sorted and are waiting for their moment to reply.. It depends whether this person is capable of having a conversation… Some people have a «play» button of a recorded speach they have rehearsed instead of being aware of what is beeing said. Some people are not listening to you when you speak, they ar… See More. The problem with this idea is that it requires both parties involved be willing to have a productive conversation… and usually, if you fundamentally disagree with someone, they’re unlikely to want to do such a thing with you no matter how willing you… See More. I have asked some friends why they stand for things contrary to my views. The few who haven’t taken my question as an insult (which it wasn’t) have had good exchanges with me. I learned about aspects of issues I hadn’t considered or even known. We don’… See More

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