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“help, help i’m being repressed” – Monty Python Holy Grail.. Smart man. Very interesting.. I love his bases. He is an extremely eloquent speaker on a topic that can be inflaming.. Everyone acts like they care about human rights but only when they choose to.. It’s a shame whites started binary politics and barely 200 years in their weak culture wants to sell us on new history, narratives and their general BS – this German-African American is proud to have gotten her “one drop plus”. Play GIF. I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There a… See More. Good job dude your next task is to infiltrate BLM. TED talk has become a left propaganda tool. Shame on you it used to be about science

Ballet it’s okay to make mistakes poster

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I lived on a deserted island for a week without any sense of time or technology and within 2 days my sleeprithm had completely changed to match the sunset and sunrise. I have never been a morning person but after I was able to see the time again I noti… See More. … okay, I learned way less from this talk than I expected to learn lol. neither is our diet now. pretty sure neanderthals never had breakfast lunch and dinner but that’s what happens with evolution. Who goes to bed at 8 p.m.?. yep! and this is why you want to save and retire early. The rat race isn’t good.. Sorry, but that was one of the worst Ted talks I have ever seen. About 2 minutes of anything important. For worthwhile info about sleep see Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. Pandemic quarentine gave many people the opportunity to have a natural sleep cycle.

Ballet it’s okay to make mistakes poster

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What about toxic situations where you’re being blamed and scapegoated?. People nowadays MAKE it personal, because they want to win an argument (which never was one) just a difference of opinion. I’m saddened by people like that.. It’s not my problem if you don’t like me. . It is very helpful suggestions for me, who is especially ego-centric! I should remember the two strategies, which I wished I had known earlier.. It’s part of being a human and sometimes it’s all circumstantial, perception, where you are coming from…alot of other things will determine if you want to take things personally. Doesn’t mean you are going to sweat on petty things or make yourself mi… See More. I am an expert on taking things seriously. I wasn’t like this years ago, but then I started developing anxiety issues and I turned into “the current me”. Everyone on Facebook should read this when they sign on.

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It’s first and second sleep – think about our tribal development and how this would help maintain group safety. Just don’t tell capitalists about those 2 hours in between. They’ll make you go to work. . Throughout history, people would get up to tend the fire; animals, babies, etc. My body naturally does this and I’ve been fighting it. Maybe I’ll just give in . Was this done pre quarantine?. The victorians did two rounds of sleep with an hour or so of activity in the middle of the night.. That’s interesting, if I ever go to bed early I always wake up about midnight, I never sleep the whole way through. Why didn’t this speaker discuss the costs of this sleep cycle? Perhaps that concept is more important than how this sleep cycle evolved.. I’ve done shift work of one type or another for so many years now that my body has no concept of a cycle.

THANK YOU for sharing this during a time of heightened ‘offense’ and safe spaces.. It’s not about me, it’s about them…but it still hurts!. If someone is rude it’s not your fault, it’s theirs. This article won’t stop anyone who tends to do this from doing it. I’ve told them directly “This is not about you” and they continue to be mad. Just can’t help the butt-hurt.. An exception for this advice is MICHAEL JORDAN. I like this theme so much. The tailgating example is terrible.. Do good no one judge your back.Obey a ten commandments.. I stopped caring what other people think when I started seeing people argue over Biden v Trump. It was then I began to realize how prevalent mental illness is in this country. . Actually it isn’t as easy to stop as it seems . Always, consider the source.. Knew a lady who always seemed in a bad mood and didn’t seem to care very much for me, then I looked at the license plates on her car. Whiskey plates would make me crabby too.

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