911 Never Forget Memorial Flag


Kristen EJ MullenPlanning on donating when I get better from my battle with Covid. 22 . Bill BuffingtonTom, you are a true humanitarian. Helping others is how this world should always work. Thank you sir…..hope you and your wife are getting along much better now.88 . Nan Fish VallerThank you so much Tom! My Nephew’s stepson Austin is currently receiving a #PLASMA infusion in RENO, NV. He is very ill with COVID-19. We need a movement, with #PlasmaPeople like you at the helm. 25 . Sheri SchnorrHeroes come in all forms and you are definitely one of them. Thank you so much for doing this. I hope it encourages others to do the same! 5 . Sandy VeithI use to donate but then my iron was to low and couldn’t do it anymore. My so did it for 10yr. Its easy and goes for a good cause. It’s a good feeling knowing its helping people. Thank you Tom for all you do. Wish someday I could meet you. Probably hav… See more32  9/11 Never Forget Memorial Flag

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Paul KatinasYou sang this song beautifully, and it fits your voice nicely. I didn’t know you are such a great singer. The lyrics to fit the melody flawlessly is quite an art and the words have to be clear and recognizable otherwise you miss the beauty and the mea… See more5 . Ryo OngpinWoW.. love this song!!! This is now on REPEAT! Why is she not singing more??? Love you Rita Wilson. You two are my favorite power couple! God bless you always…Keep it coming! 11 . Carolyn QuinnShe is amazing. All that beauty and talent and Tom Hanks too. 2 . Laurie BrownBeautiful song. Shes a very lovely and talented singer.2 . Tammy BrooksI think this is my favorite song I have heard Rita sing! I’m not a big fan of country music either. But this song is great!5 . Melvin DubuenI wonder how much longer before all people realize that you guys are in deep shit9  9/11 Never Forget Memorial Flag

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