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Its simple the article says it all. The husband is wishy washy. She separated because she found a bad boy. He turned out to be a little too bad. Starts abusing her. The demeanor change. She gets drunk and goes out to meet him. He strangles her to death during extramarital sex and leaves her on the road side.

  • Paul Simeone overdosed was my best guess, partying with friends/boyfriend and went too hard, died during intercourse and he didn’t want to take responsibility I assume. thats what im thinking.. husband was a good boy buy she found a bad boy who was just too bad. At least he’s free to find a good woman now.
  • “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” gives an extensive list of nut jobs who have wrecked and continue to ruin lives and economies with no regard for 2nd and 3rd order consequences and the balance of harm.
  • Amazing. What a kook. Just because she can write fiction, doesnt mean shes an authority. And the world banned ddt based on a whim. How sad. Yet people have yet to learn from their ignorance. Such convoluted whataboutery! Humans have such a sense of entitlement! I am unfollowing this page. I guess I should have expected that with the title ‘economics’, it would be a page run by and followed by lunatics! Just the malaise that rules the planet!

The sense of entitlement comes from white western 1st world liberals sentencing millions to death by preventable causes. All so they can say how superior they are. Also the claim that Bald Eagle egg shells were thinner was true…..however the thinner egg shells had a slightly higher rate of successful gestation than the thicker ones.

And now all across America, millions are spent to set aside land and excavate mosquito ponds in every new neighborhood and shopping center. We call them stormwater retention ponds. The cost is included in every home we buy and every product we purchase. There are thousands employed enforcing “stormwater control” and “sediment control”. There are almost 10,000 pages of regulations and advisory documents and dozens of writers to keep them updated.

You’re a great mother truly an incredible mother Trump personalized mug

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