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Thanks for speaking on this topic and showing that perceptions are often limited based on our own personal experiences and biases. My kiddos get SSI. I dont know what we’d do without it. My daughter is the only one that doesn’t get financial aid with hers because we are over the income limit. She gets medicaid though. Both the boys receive SSI funds, as well as Medicaid.

  • I wish NC had what SC has we have the Tefra Medicaid. It is just what you are talking about. It is for kids with disabilities. I am thankful my kids qualify for it. 2 special needs kids and therapy etc makes for a broke mom. So I wish all states would have this.
  • I know my comment isn’t going to be popular, but this is how I feel. My great grandparents were not wealthy people. He was a minister and she a teacher. But my g-grandmother worked until she was in her 70’s and they scrimped and saved so my great uncle would be looked after.
  • I guess now he would be called special needs. They didn’t have a beach house, send my grandmother to boarding school or take expensive trips. Yes, my grandmother missed out on some things, but the love she had for her brother was so great none of that mattered. I know that times are different than before.

But there are people who are waiting for that waiver who have no expenses they could cut out of their life to help pay for much needed services. I guess what I am saying is if I was living an affluent lifestyle and maybe taking away from a family that had nothing, I would feel a little guilty.

My teenager requires constant supervision and trained caregivers. We couldn’t just hire any regular babysitter after about 6 years of age. Even childcare programs that say they accept special needs kids won’t take kids like mine. We make a good middle class living. We have one home. We don’t take fancy vacations.

Our newer car is 7 years old. My son will never live on his own and will need life long care. The waiver will help kids like my son live with their families or in their communities rather than institutions and it’s less expensive to support them at home than in an institution.

To My Husband Meeting You Was Fate Becoming Your Wife Was A Choice Mug

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